2 comments on “New Zealand Glaciers Advancing!

  1. Whole lot to catch up on! lol So…related to this guy’s junk, I have a rant this morning. I added a few Science Direct RSS feeds to my online RSS reader/aggregator. I read a good article in the psychology/sociology categories I wanted to share that was basically about “How to brain wash society into believing the Global Warming Narrative” even though the Headline Title was different.

    It explained and instructed exactly how to do this with deceptive psychology, Now it looks like they may have pulled the article. So they are playing the manipulation game too. They have so many great articles and I hate to see them involved with the manipulation and information control band wagon too.

    Did you get a chance to catch that one? lol


  2. Didn’t catch that one but I’m not surprised. “Science” is about funding and now the BIG money is in global warming so any “research’ in that area gets funding and press time. Anything else is ignored or trashed.

    BTW I saw an article a few weeks ago advocating that men who deny global warming should be castrated. Seriously? I didn’t even bother to read it because the title alone was so outrageous. Stalinist Russia here we come!!!

    Corporations use psychology all the time. In fact most of them employee teams of psychologists to figure out how to manipulate the “consumer” (read hoarding rat) into buying their products or services. Government does the same at some of their “Think Tanks.” So this is not surprising at all. What a sad, sad world we live in.


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