4 comments on “Waves of Migrations into the Americas!!

  1. This has had me fascinated for the last year now. We know that Dialect is what determined Tribal Territories in Early North America. And since every language has a root, how did all these different dialects come to be without a fairly common understandable root and base? We know that sign language was fairly universal to get around this but how is a different language dialect produced from sign language? Intriguing!


  2. Here’s an interesting concept I’ve heard before….what if it was not “out of Africa” at all but “out of the Americas”? I have a friend who believes that to be the case and specifically “out of South America.” Now wouldn’t that turn things upside down LOL.


  3. I think we may have discussed that too. Or at least a second whole separate parallel evolution of beings from South America? It truly think this is a very very plausible theory!!!

    You know why we haven’t “found” evidence of this yet. Because it is heretical to dig past the 14ft level in the Americas and everything even hinting to this possibility has been thrown in the garbage.

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