5 comments on “US Government REFUSES to Discipline Scientists who LIED about Climate Change!

  1. Thank you for the mention and the Article! Have to go do a few things but I will be back later in the day with a more comprehensive Reply!


  2. I just keep an eye on this stuff is all 🙂 All the credit should go to American Thinker and a whole lot of folks who saw this exact thing happening quite awhile back as it was happening. I was fortunate enough to be a member of a think tank that was perpetually tracking Government Tax Fraud, Waste and Scams like this. Unfortunately it was forced to disband, too many truths were being exposed.

    This think tank was comprised of hundreds of very accomplished professionals like yourself Roberto. They were the very best out of the box critical thinkers in their field and shared their knowledge and work with everyone on the board. In this 8 years they taught me how to investigate things like this all the way to the original source to find the real truth and facts.

    If you wanted to know what was going to happen before it happened this site was the place to go. The Community was comprised of Legal experts, HONEST Environmental experts, Doctors, Physicists, Government officials (on the QT of course), Military, Accountants, Stock brokers, Market analysts, Technology engineers, Software Designers, Etc. Etc. Etc. Many of these were anonymous whistle blowers.

    Most of these folks considered it their personal duty to make exposing this stuff their life work and activism. They would get on an issue and pursue it until all leads were exhausted. Sometimes this would take a couple years of discoveries and updates before an investigation summary would be formed and shared.

    And everyone helped contribute to each investigation as things were discovered in their own field related to it. It was mental Crowd Sourcing and problem solving at it’s best! Anyways I have a suspicion that the Authors at American Thinker were also part of this community. They are the ones who are still exposing and keeping track of this stuff for us.

    This issue I pointed out and you wrote about here was investigated and exposed several years back. The media environment is finally coming around that makes it slightly safer to share it with the world and a larger audience. I am elated to see this finally happen! It is far overdue.

    Unfortunately…in this investigation concerning Science fraud, it was not just a “Good ole Boy” situation even though most of it was. Hate to say it, but there were also a whole lot of “Equal Opportunity” policy influences that contributed to this scam. Reality is reality…

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  3. The Think Tanks sounds fantastic but dangerous 🙂 This nation runs like the Mafia as far as I can see. If you don’t follow the rules or if you don’t keep your pie hole shut “mysterious” things happen to you like what is still happening to all of the young Wall Street guys who are “mysteriously” found dead or the scientists who not so long ago kept turning up dead of “suicide.” Those scientist knew all about the fraud taking place and I think they were deemed a risk of telling the truth not only about global warming but about other things. So they (whoever “they” are) shut them up permanently. And it still goes on today.

    Sad thing is with fraud like this going on it is hard to figure out which science data is real and which is just a bunch of crap. That is, unless you know already or can decipher the data yourself. But they pass this fake science off as the real deal and shout at you things like “The science is settled!” when, in fact, the science is far from being settled! In fact, the Science hasn’t even begun!!

    Yesterday I came across some science article that I briefly skimmed over alleging that the rising crime and conflict we see in the world today is the result of climate change. The article tried to paint the picture that this was the sole cause for our current social problems! Climate change MAY play a part in this but it is NOT the sole cause. Economics, politics, mental health, deviance, and a host of other factors play BIG causes in what we see going on in the world today. I taught, “More simplistic science! Trying to make a complex issue simple for the simple minded and unsuspecting.” I got the impression from the article that if we just do something about global warming (ie: legislate a Carbon Tax) all of our social deviance woes will be magically solved LOL. And I wonder how many people read the same article and thought “Yeah that’s the magic answer. Let’s do it.” Just another ploy to convince us that we need a carbon tax which will only further pad the pockets of the like of Al Gore and not Maria and Jose down on Main Street! Yet, I also see where they are now telling people that if we just approve a carbon tax the money will be shared with every one who has a SSN number! What a crock!! Two former US Secretaries of State are teaming up with someone else to push for a Carbon Tax in this country and this is the crap they are dishing out. We all know that the average American will NEVER see one time of the shared profits to be made from a carbon tax.


  4. You nailed it here Roberto. The masses are being manipulated and exploited. In my investigations it always ends up being someone’s “Brother in law” profiting from all this. And it is dangerous to stand between a Politician and their Brother in law.

    One thing about the Thank Tank though, All the “Volunteerism” and pro bono professional knowledge and advice was great while it lasted. Lots of members were helped out of personal jams in Friendship. 🙂

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