6 comments on “Greenland Ice Sheet Growing!

  1. Here’s one for you. There was a recent Project to circumnavigate the polar Ice Cap to Prove it was melting away. They got discouraged and gave up because they encountered too much Ice. lol


  2. Reminds me of the Moose and Train situation in Alaska. I have a friend who lives in Alaska and he was telling me about how during mating season Moose get so riled up they take on Trains. Of course the Moose lose…but only to trains.

    So some Environmentalists decide to save the Moose from the trains. They pile into a few Snowcats and head out. Several days later they come waling back into town without any Snowcats. Half of them ended up going to the hospital when they got back.

    Apparently they decided they were going to go and stand between the Moose and the trains to try and scare them away. The Moose went after them, the Snowcats AND the train. Only the train survived the encounter without any injuries. lol

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  3. I try not to stereotype, But frankly…not many now. I have a lot more stories about irrational environmentalism. We now have a whole new generation of these.

    I even had a young man from Frisco tell me one time that we should have people on bicycles transporting all the products across the country instead of those “Stinky” Trucks.

    I didn’t even have the heart to reply or pursue the discussion, all I could do was shake my head and walk away. lol

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