7 comments on “Many Meteorologists Question Climate Change Science!

  1. I am glad to see you helping to get this out there Roberto. There are some over the last ten years that have lost more than just their jobs for trying to expose the truth in this. It is much bigger than the Scientific Community. I read a couple days ago that 3 Establishment Republicans are going to pick up the Baton and introduce a new Carbon Tax. They are all profiting from this scam too, it is a very bipartisan effort as a whole.

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  2. I’m sorry but this is the biggest load of absolute CRAP I’ve ever heard (the carbon tax). Free money for all? LMAO our government is NOT going to give everyone with a SSN free money from carbon taxes period! They will keep it for themselves to further pad their already overblown personal bank accounts! This is just one more SCAM by the pack of charlatans in DC who all need to be thrown in jail for life for high crimes against the people of this country. DC is worse than a swamp. It’s a cesspool IMO!!

    I’ve got a new idea 🙂 Let’s just throw science right out the door and replace it with anything and everything that will make a mint for the 1%. Hell who needs science anyway? Obviously the crackpots in DC don’t!!


  3. Roberto, your comment shows that hypertension is not a disease, but a manifestation of a severe social/political disorder. In my uneducated opinion, the true “axis of evil” are the 1%ers. i am against some of these notions that in order to be “healthy” we must get a flu or pneumonia shot. what happened to the immune system? climate change is as unpredictable as the weather and that is always changing. are we contributing to it? how much are we? the Earth like the body has many systems and subsystems that are interconnected, changing only one thing can make a big difference to the whole.

    there are many scenarios as to what happened in the distant past and what may happen in the future, some close to accurate some not so much. it really doesn’t matter how severe the changes are, a small change could be disastrous. if the ocean temps change or saline change or pollution affects the phyto-plankton blooms in the ocean, it seems we are all screwed. not only do these blooms produce a significant amount of O2 for us they also provide a significant amount of biomass that tiny critters that sieve the water for food need. some call this a “keystone species.”

    we tend to want to place blame or give credit for everything that happens, good and bad. since a lot of folks are not interested in the truth, i say blame or give credit to some unsuspecting fella named “Hugh Jass.” he seems to be involved with everything. the Hugh Jass pyramids, that Hugh Jass damn that caused a Hugh Jass evacuation to avoid a Hugh Jass flood. the other day i had a cold and hawked up a Hugh Jass loogie, took some echinacia for a couple days and got some Hugh Jass relief. as i said i am uneducated, i am a product of my upbringing and culture. i am a victim of my own decisions, good and bad. everything that comes out of my pie hole is more or less a plagiarism. so if somebody doesn’t like what i say, blame them, or their leader, Hugh Jass. just sayin’

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  4. Randolf some of this crap make me so mad I almost bust a gutt lol. The immune system? We still have one? I don’t buy their line either and refuse those “vaccines” myself. I’ll rely on my immune system and when it goes I go. Death is a part of life contrary to what some people around think today.

    You are absolutely correct. Climate is always changing and that is a fact. Yes this planet has many systems and they are all interconnected to varying degrees and one small change could bring disaster like we cannot imagine. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few coming years. And this Hugh Jass fella? Hang ’em high!! LOL everything is his fault. Now we just gotta find ’em…………..


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