6 comments on “Climate: The Younger Dryas

  1. Amazing that these people are not barred from receiving future research funds via the America taxpayers. More government waste! And since many of them “research” so called “global warming” this is just one more piece of evidence that it is a fraud along with the UN global warming scientists caught lying about data a few years back and the global warming scientist involved in “Climategate” in which emails were exposed that they too were outright lying about global warming “research.” And now just last week we discover both NASA and NOAA are lying about “record temps” in Central Africa even though they have 0 to 1 thermometer there to take readings with and despite the fact residence there say the temp for this time of year in nothing abnormal.

    American taxpayers need to demand these scientists be held accountable and they all need to be barred from receiving future taxpayer funds but the aren’t and that shows that the NSF is just as guilty of such fraud by association! It also demonstrate for the whole world to see that government is in bed with these fraudsters and lying through their teeth. The “global warming….climate change” scam is about one thing and one thing only and that is the Communist UN’s desire to redistribute wealth from rich countries who have worked for it to poor countries who have been riding the global foreign aide wagon for decades now. Their desire is to institute carbon taxes and tax us for every breath we take virtually! IT IS ALL ONE BIG SCAM!

    I will never trust ANY research coming out of the NSF after this revelation! And neither should anyone else. In fact, moves need to be made in government to immediately eliminate any taxpayer funding for the NSF as they have now clearly demonstrated they are unworthy to handle taxpayer funds. Time to shut the NSF down!

    Additionally, I laughed hysterically at the suggestion these lying scientists be made to take A course in basic scientific methodology. A course? As in one? Why bother? They obviously wouldn’t grasp the basics anyway! And even if they did they’d continue to lie to get funding and produce even more FAKE SCIENCE!

    Thank you JR for the H/T and I think it is worthy of a post so it stands out clearly for all others to see.


  2. I laughed at that also. Is that what they do to each other for punishment? Make each other take courses? Pretty obvious the courses they already took didn’t work so what good will that do? lol

    But back to your article, I found out something about the freshwater influx. From what I have been reading it would need to be a huge dump at one time to stop the current, like the lake you mentioned in the article. Apparently a slow trickle of ice cap melt makes very little difference, but still reading more about It.


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