9 comments on “Climate News: Snow and More Snow as Records are Broken!

  1. Read this last night so I did some poking around this morning. There is something going on with the Jet Stream. It is not dipping into the more Southern Latitudes to grab up warmer air as it normally does.

    It is staying up along the more Northern Latitudes to re-feed it’s self with colder air and moisture. We have had a fairly mild winter here because of this, It has dropped below our latitude to pull down cold air from the north only a couple times so far.

    The question is what is causing this with the Jet Stream?


  2. Yep, Exactly. Here’s something scary… Something I had forgotten about is that the Earth’s surface, Axis Rotation and the Coriolis Effect is physically connected to the Jet Streams and Cells.

    I wonder if the Magnetic pole shifting might be creating a new direction of Magnetic “Stretch” to the surface crust and oceans causing this? Or could the Axis cycle be creating this?

    Something truly physical could be changing here…



  3. Anything is possible with the magnetic pole shift IMO. I’ve heard researchers say that anything from nothing to mass catastrophe can happen. That tells me they don’t know LOL. Why am I not surprised? Pretty sure we are not looking at global warming but at global cooling and some researchers are finally admitting it but saying a “mini ice age” is more likely. I highly doubt that too. I think all the signs are there for a MAJOR ice age coming, frankly.


      • And it seems to be getting a bit stranger this winter. Speaking of strange the humidity here today has been very low yet it has been overcast all day long (and still is btw) by thick dark clouds that look like rain clouds. The clouds are not unusual but the low humidity level is.


  4. Been the same here, lots of Virga and none of it ever hits the ground. It is drying up before it can.


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