5 comments on “Giant Pterosaurs Over Transylvania

  1. Flying Dinosaurs have always fascinated me! Look at how short their legs were, just like Bats.

    Many years ago when the kids were still at home I was going to create a huge Pterosaur costume to wear to their small school Halloween festival. At that time kids had actually studied and knew about Dinosaurs and would have figured out “What I was”. But I got busy feeding them and never got the chance to do it.

    So a couple years back I thought about creating one to wear while walking the Grandkids around trick or treating. Then I realized that I was going to get the question “What are you? so much it might not be worth it. Kids now days would have no idea what it was. Sad…


  2. It is sad. We’ve done a great job in this country via our education system of dumbing down our youth. Many do not even known how to use spell check or what it even is LOL. I used to get papers all the time with gross spelling errors and for some reason these students expected me to give them a passing grade! When I suggested using spell check they’d look at me like I just landed from Mars!! And see this same problem in our mainstream media. Some of the spelling and paragraphs are absolutely outrageous. In fact, some of their writings don’t even make any sense at all in terms of comprehension. I saw a headline just this morning talking about the Trump-Russia connection and it said how the connection could be “series.” Don’t they mean SERIOUS?????


  3. Damn, now you have my curiosity up! lol

    About spell check…lol What I found is you have to also be smarter than spell check sometimes. “which of these choices are correct?”. I just did it yesterday in one of my replies here. “Matador Projection”. lol

    My phone comes up with some real screwy options when I am texting, I finally had to just turn the spell check off. I was doing a better job spelling things wrong!

    “Seriesly” lol

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  4. I have a curiosity? I wonder how they actually fed themselves. I’m going to guess they pecked their prey to death with their pointed “Beak” like a Roadrunner but what did they do next? Consume only prey they could swallow whole? Or tear off chunks? Were their Beaks “ridged” for tearing?

    A roadrunner has claws/feet and muscles big enough to also do the later but these appear to have fragile limbs and small feet both fore and aft. It looks it would have had a hard time holding down prey to tear off pieces. So it had to be consuming only prey it could swallow whole?


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