6 comments on “Ice Age Dawning

  1. Yes Sir… This is one of the best articles I have read in quite awhile about what is really happening. You hit all the important points in one writing here Roberto.

    I started digging in to all this when they started the Carbon Tax. I wondered what good that does? All it does is give one country the opportunity to sell or trade rights to another country to produce the exact same amount of carbon but just in a different location on the globe. So the total global output doesn’t change at all, just the source location. That’s when I realized it was all a con job for money and asked myself “what else?.

    That’s when I ran into the fact that it is actually getting colder not warmer and it is going to get even seriously colder. This known very real historical cycle cannot be stopped by treaties or taxes. We are insignificant bugs on the windshield with this one. Just imagine how many would pass in the next month if the power went out right now up north.

    If anyone cares to survive what is coming, the preparation starts with our own metabolism. One must shut off the central heat and air and readapt the metabolism to acclimate and adjust to the changing of temps from winter to summer. And most important is readapt the body to process Calories from fat correctly like earlier humans needed to in order to survive cold weather.

    There is a reason why a lot of fat calories are consumed in the colder climates even now. Get ready for an extended campout without modern climate control because this is what it will amount to. I think you are right on the money with your 10 year estimate, and it takes at least 5 years or more to retrain the body to acclimate like it was designed to before electricity came around.

    Currently most live in a 4 degree temperature “comfort zone”. We feel too hot or cold if our immediate temp zone goes above or below this 4 degree range of comfort. We go from climate controlled homes to climate controlled transportation, to climate controlled work places and back. Very few actually spend much time outside forcing their bodies to adjust to the temperature extremes like earlier humans had to.

    All these folks are not going to make it…

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  2. Thank you JR and I think you are correct when it come to body metabolism and acclimation. Sadly, you are also right in that “all these folks are not going to make it.” No they are not. In fact I foresee MASSIVE death coming to the human species and hopefully our species will avoid a mass extinction event ourselves.

    The UN Carbon Tax bullshit is a ponzi scheme! It is geared towards enriching people like Al Gore the Snake Oil Salesman. Changing where CO2 is produced doesn’t do one solitary thing to reduce man-made emissions LOL. What absolute foolishness and the backers of this scam obviously really think we are dumb! Of course that is what the UN assumes about everyone.

    For decades now these CHARLATANS have been prepping people for global warming and the whole time I think they’ve known what was REALLY coming! That’s why they continue to fly in their jets instead of riding bikes or walking. Oh wait, does walking produce emissions? The global elites never have enough money and they will never be satisfied even when they do have all of the money. Karma will come upon these people in a very big weigh once the Ice Age fully dawns causing BILLIONS of human deaths. I have heard for decades from scientists from various fields say that something happens on this planet ever so often that knocks man back to the Stone Age. I strongly suspect this is it.


  3. Yep, that is one thing about this situation I like. I am going to find satisfaction in the fact that all this money will not do them one bit of good when it happens. It will make all humans equal in the chances of survival. Only those who are prepared and have stone age/old world skills will survive. You can’t eat wealth, it doesn’t contain enough calories.


  4. Know what? This reality has me rethinking our past conversation about the Anasazi Culture and whether they actually practiced Cannibalism or not. I read that they base this theory on Anasazi Bones that were found to be cracked open for the Marrow Calories.

    What if the Culture was not impacted by Drought as thought? What if it was abrupt COLD snap instead? Crops would not grow in this condition either, same as in a drought, and this would absolutely explain a possible need for cannibalism and those marrow calories.


  5. Now I’m starting to rethink all the other past cultures that supposedly disappeared because of drought. All it would take is two years in a row of abnormal extended cold extremes to create the same result.

    Someone on AO awhile back insisted that the Meso-American cultures disappeared because they cut down all the Trees and created a drought. This make no sense to me because the Navajo and Hopi have been raising enough Corn to survive for quite a long time in the desert. And they get almost no rain at all!

    Then there are the irrigation canals all over central and south America. These would have cured the water issue I would think. But an abrupt abnormal extended extreme cold period for only a couple years in a row would absolutely produce this mass extinction!

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  6. The tribal people or “civilized” people who have more in common with tribal people than city slickers are the ones that will survive. They are those who know how to hunt, fish, survive, endure, and who will live with nature not against her. If you study the Hopi previous ages you will notice this is always so. The “civilized” all die.

    As I have mentioned before the Pueblo people get offended when it is suggested that the Anasazi cannibalized some of their dead but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. In fact, cannibalism was (and still is today) more widespread than most people think or would like to think. An abrupt and intense cold change in climate may well be the reason behind this as you suggest rather than drought. It is believed the Chaco people abandoned the canyon and went to Mesa Verde which is the cliff dwelling in Colorado. Perhaps the cliff dwelling style living was more conducive to survival than a plateau or canyon in such a climate?

    Meso-American cultures did not disappear as the result of cutting down all the trees lol. In fact, they didn’t disappear at all. Descendants of the Aztec and Maya are still around contrary to popular new age belief. Oh yes the Navajo and Hopi have raised corn for a long, long time and with almost no rain or other water source at all. The Hopi farmers talk to their corn and it grows! I’ve actually heard them doing this when I was visiting the Reservation with a close friend.

    Regarding the irrigation canals also consider the many in the American Southwest some of which are still in use today.

    Yes cold tends to bring about mass extinction events mostly to famine and disease I suspect.


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