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    The trenches are reportedly as big as 36 ft (11 meters) wide and 13 ft (4 meters) deep. They are believed to have been dug at various times between the 1st century and 15th century. They were actually discovered back in the 1980s! Charcoal studies indicate fire use likely to clear the forest. After these people started altering the forest palm trees became more common in the area. Likely this is what these people were trying to “farm” for food and building material. Palms are apparently some of the first trees to return after deforestation. These people also must have prevented other trees and vegetation from growing in these areas. The geoglyphs were abandoned about 650 years ago and palms became less common once again.

    It is also reported that squash and maize were grown near the earthworks. Decorated pots have also been found near the entrances to SOME of the geoglyphs. They may have been used for gathering the harvest.

    The Amazon has several geoglyphs scattered throughout and among them are squares, straight lines, and circular ditches doting both the Bolivian and Brazilian Amazon. They are believed to have existed BEFORE the rainforest sprouted up.

    Researchers used to think small bands of hunter-gatherers lived in the forest but that theory was disproven with new evidence that showed the area was densely populated. The BBC program “Unnatural Histories” has reported that the Amazon has been shaped by humans for at least 11,000 years through practices such as FOREST GARDENING. Further, the first European to travel down the Amazon was Francisco de Orellana in 1542. He reported an advanced civilization was flourishing along the river at the time. Diseases are believed to have killed off this population such as smallpox. Researchers have believed de Orellana exaggerated his report but some researchers have come to believe he did not do so. In fact, they have found the dark soil disturbed over large regions of the Amazon rainforest likely the result of centuries of human “management.” Mid-forest settlements have also been found (2003) by researchers from the University of Florida. Along with this discovery was also the discovery of roads, bridges, and large plazas!

    It now appears via the evidence that the Amazon Rainforest is NOT the pristine land it was once thought to be!! Humans have been manipulating the land there for a long, long time.

    This information according to:





  2. Wait? 11k? Well that doesn’t fit the narrative does it. I wonder if many of these were personal garden plots with a flare in geometry within the forest taking only what space they actually needed? Some preferred to be round and others preferred to be square.

    The ditches could make sense with this. They would not only collect and reserve water but could also act as a fire break. There are certain crops that like to remain saturated for a certain length of the season, Rice and wetland tubers for example. Other crops like the plot being burned off every season. If these were burned off while some water still remained in these ditches it would have prevented the fire from spreading to the rest of the forest or somebody else’s plot.

    They may be an example of just plain simple practicality. But you know as well as I do if they mention 11k it is probably a conservative estimate and might have been much longer.

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    • You know in all this, I think the first question that needs to be asked in finds like this would be “what practical purpose might it serve”. Because even though they may have had fruitful eras and extra time to practice religion, They expended very few calories outside of using common sense practicality.

      As we have spoke about before, the profit and loss in calories was just far too slim to waste much time and effort on extra curricular activities like digging ditches just for ceremonial reasons. These had a practical purpose and raised this profit margin or they would not be there.


  3. Notice the researchers theorize that these earthworks existed BEFORE the rainforest sprouted up? Well that is pretty astounding since the Amazon Rainforest is believed to have formed during the Eocene which was between 56-33.9 MILLION YEARS AGO! Now this is very interesting because the earliest Ardipithecus, believed to be an ancient human ancestor, is only dated at between 5.6–4.4 mya. According to the mainstream Ardi was basically an ape so this begs the question….WHO WERE THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THESE EARTHWORKS PRIOR TO 5.6 MYA???? And WHO WERE THESE PEOPLE LIVING IN THE SOUTH AMERICAN AMAZON LONG BEFORE ARDI???? And here is the GRAND QUESTION…..


    Obviously, if these earthworks were made prior to the sprouting of the rainforest then there were ancient human ancestors living in SOUTH AMERICA long before the coming of the Paleo-Indians! This makes these earthworks and the people who built them far older than 11,000 years old.


  4. Yep, I saw that too. I absolutely agree with you that there was indeed a culture here long long before they think it was possible, but they may be wrong about the “before the Forest” concept.

    I think the forest was there but being practical minimalists who respected nature, they only cleared plots big enough to satisfy each clan’s personal needs. They didn’t make huge clear cuts out of gluttony and practiced common sense “Multi-use” style arrangements within the forest as to not impact the environment quite as much. Then of course the Forest reclaimed these plots back later.

    But If this multi-use “compromising with nature” ideal is true… this means they were much SMARTER than we are now! Even Environmental protection laws are uncompromising. They preserve one huge tract of land forcing everyone to pile together and only utilize a different chosen particular tract of land which in turn overtaxes the heck out of that tract of land.

    I truly think the Ancients were masters of compromising with nature so that both could win. Because of gluttony we are failing at this badly, even our laws to protect the environment are actually harming it worse as a whole. I think they were tree huggers but had to eat too, so they spread it out to make less of an impact.

    Make any sense? lol

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  5. Yes this makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚ I too think they are WRONG about these people forest farming prior to the Eocene. If they are not wrong then another possibility is that their dating is wrong. Way wrong in fact!! Claiming that these people developed these plots before the growth of the rainforest and knowing the rainforest formed during the Eocene tells me this is yet more JUNK SCIENCE!! Something is wrong with this research as far as I’m concerned. I do believe what we are looking at here are mounds used for forest farming but their dating is way off. The dates this team arrived at must be re-evaluated.


  6. Good! I didn’t want you to think I was arguing against your statement! lol

    Well I have to run in a bit to loan my Clan some more Arrowheads. They got in a situation that is leaving them a bit shy for their current needs. lol

    I hope Randolf has the chance to come participate, He is funny as hell! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will try to catch up when I get back.


  7. Thanks guys i will weigh in. let me say that my formal education is a certificate in building trades from Helena Vo-tech. as far as all of the natural and unnatural wonders, i watch a lot of documentaries, 2-3 times each and a fair amount of googling, about many things not just this.

    Thanks for teaching me a new skill too! Since i do have a basic understanding how things get built and some experience i find this stuff fascinating and do ponder how and why. I feel you are right that these structures were more than likely multi-purpose, not just ceremonial but had some other practical purpose. We were way to busy to waste time for a whim. Again what that purpose was i don’t know. i saw a documentary about some ancient structures and cliff drawings, up the Amazon that some archeologists theorize were a skooch over 2k years old. they think that during the Roman conquest 2kya Carthaginians and Celts packed up and left as they didn’t want to become slaves to the Romans. their theory is based on the drawings on the cliff way up the Amazon. they contain letters and symbols that are identical to some letters in the Celt alphabet. the language however is not. i doesn’t even seem to be indigenous either, but more of a hybrid language.

    So when you talk of not thousands of years but millions, the question is not so much who or when but really how many different cultures could have been anywhere as well. one thing that is a monkey wrench in my machinery is whenever i see a pic of the continents and possible migration routes, the land is always in the exact same place. when you consider that we have probably been here millions of years, clearly nobody has accounted for tectonic plate drift. i feel that our really ancient relatives were hear possibly when t-rex was, and maybe they walked the continent Pangaea or Gondwana or Lurasia changing the whole migration patterns and in at least some cases making it easier to get to know one another and interbreed.

    What did they think when things started to change like they are now? occasional earthquakes are nothing new to them, like us. but when they started occurring more frequent, causing tsunamis and massive tears in the land and when they saw their first giant volcanic cauldron, what did they think? a lake of fire? the first up close river of magma? the river Styx? the fist intimate encounter of a tsunami? Poseidon? Religion and Gods were born out of very real scientific questions as to what in the hell is going on. as advanced as the Sumerians were why did they worship the sun? When a meteor crashes into the Earth taking out a village, it is God punishing the sinful. or a flood. or forest fire. A few years ago a meteor exploded right over a bunch of commies heads in Russia. who screwed up? why the shot over the bow and not a direct hit? did they smoke a joint? did they get stoned? should they be stoned? a public flogging might be appropriate, burning at the stake seems a little extreme.

    there is a big difference between being spiritual and being superstitious. the former involves an open mind and a little imagination. the latter requires phobias, paranoia and coupled with the very real placebo affect schizophrenia will occur. no offense to people who are cursed with genetic bad code, they are a minority. ancient polytheistic beliefs incorporated both good and bad Gods, (someone is out to get us) but with human faces. other polytheistic beliefs didn’t actually worship Gods or deities but attributes. Divine attributes. Divine Human Attributes. Fact is we are all gifted with Attributes of BOTH the Divine Feminine AND the Divine Masculine, to varying degrees making us all unique individuals. Labels do not define who we are, they confine us to somebodyelse’s dogma. male/female also DO NOT define who we are, they only define the role we play in procreation of our species which is a natural instinct not a personality trait. also no offense any gay folks man or woman. my nephew is gay, a long time friend is as well. my aunt is also but closeted in a big and destructive way. she is Episcopal, born baptized and raised, that church years ago accepted the gay folk, not only in congregation but as ministers too. yet she still believes that if she accepted herself the way God created her, he will make her burn in hell forever. so she will never know or experience what i have known or our longtime friend and her great nephew, she is a miserable lonely old woman and that is what other people’s dogma and flawed ideals will do.

    the more i ponder our ancestors, it becomes more obvious that in order to survive what we are about to witness, and build all of the magnificent stuff, like Machu Picchu, Pumu Puncu etc… they would have to be far more inclusive, compassionate, nurturing and benevolent than we are today. we are much more proficient at ostracizing and labeling. what is the difference between someone killing some perceived threat, including innocent children, with an IED and calling all of them infidels and killing a terror threat with a targeted drone strike and killing innocent children in the strike a calling them collateral damage?


    • I am happy to see my suggestions helped Sir. I got to thinking later that you might have been typing your replies up in another format like Wordpad or Notepad and then copy and pasting them into the field here. Because pasting from another format like that causes the same result. I was working on that cure for you also just in case. So good to see It worked for you!


  8. Good to see you drop back in Randolf! There is something else in this statement you make here…

    “whenever i see a pic of the continents and possible migration routes, the land is always in the exact same place. when you consider that we have probably been here millions of years, clearly nobody has accounted for tectonic plate drift”.

    You make a very good point about “Perspective”. We tend to visualize the world as a flat Mercator Projection because it has been the standard representation of the Earth for so long. Even some of us that do understand Plate Tectonics and that the world is round, we still actually have to remind ourselves of this perspective all the time because the Mercator Projection is so imprinted into our subconscious.

    Perspective is very important because it can change whole view points and lines of thought. For example if you looked at a Globe and decided that the North Pole was actually the “Center of the known world” to the ancients like the Scandinavians… The World gets a whole lot smaller and the Continents are all actually very close together from a North to South Migration perspective.

    I honestly think that in a previous warmer time when the Polar cap was mush smaller or non-existent the Arctic Sea would have been a natural way to Circumnavigate the globe and access every Continent in short order without issues.at all. The Polar Currents and winds even swirl around the Arctic sea in a perpetual circle touching all the Northern Continents.

    You could have literally jump on a iceberg and circumnavigate the Earth and got off on any of the northern Continents. Polar bears and other creatures do it all the time!

    Yep, this perspective makes the world a whole lot smaller and less challenging than the Matador Projection does for sure. So perspective is very important! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. Woops, my spell check lit up Mercator in that last line because I left out a letter and I clicked the wrong spelling option because I was in a hurry. lol

    What the heck is a “Matador Projection”? lol


  10. OK now both of you have me thinking and sometimes that is dangerous LOL:) Here are some of my thoughts…………

    1. We know that the North Pole has not always been where it is today and we also know that the ice caps were not as big as they are today. Consider the Piri Reis map that shows Antarctica without ice for example. The only way the originator(s) of this map could have drawn it is if the continent was ice-free long ago.

    2. Pangaea along with other super-continents has been something I’ve toyed around with for many years now. Frankly, I think they have some of their dating wrong and confused! It is believed by some, including myself, that Pangaea has existed more than once in the past as have the other super-continents. So the map we see today is NOT the map of ages past and that changes the entire picture of human migrations!

    3. Consider that we find the remains of tropical vegetation and animal remains under the ice near the Poles. That’s pretty clear evidence to me that they were once in tropical zones and nowhere near where they are today. Consider also the theories of Professor Charles Hapgood regarding rapid and recent pole shift with catastrophic results.

    4. I have heard from the Navajo, the Maya descendants, the Inca descendants, and many other Native America tribes that long ago Antarctica was North and the Arctic was South. Complete and/or drastic magnetic pole reversal? Or were the continents or super-continents configured in such a way that this was so?

    5. As a side note…..why did MOST of the ancient people know the Earth was round but the Church and the West thought it was flat prior to Columbus? And this DESPITE the FACT that the Bible clearly speaks of the Earth as being a sphere? Just sayin’ lmao ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. Perspective is everything. We behave and react to the way we perceive things including how we perceive the world. The basic premise of Cognitive Psychology is, “Change the thinking, change the behavior.” Meaning, that if we can get a person to change their thinking (ie: perspective) then a change in behavior will follow. And it does.

    7. If the Arctic once was in the tropical zone (assuming the land masses were pretty close to where they are today) then migration from one continent to another would be no problem at all. No need for long walks or long voyages.

    8. And finally, the mainstream shapes our perspective by presenting maps that show the current land masses as they exist today and in pretty much the same positions as they are today. They would have us believe that the Great Explorer (Homo erectus) walked out of Africa and across Asia to China and finally down into Australasia but not the Americas ๐Ÿ™‚ That, frankly, is a hell of a lot of walking! And just where is the evidence for such migrations (and there had to be more than one)? When questioned the patent answer is something like, “Well the shorelines were different than they are today so the migration trails and evidence for such migrations is under the ocean waters.” Or you get something like, “Well they walked across several landbridges that once existed like the one between Indonesia and Australia.” Really? LoL it’s almost laughable when they bust out the old “Landbridge” standby!
    And speaking of landbridges that most famous one theorized to have been between Alaska and Siberia has existed MORE THAN ONCE!

    Fact is there is a lot of evidence to support Hapgood’s theory on polar shift. There is much evidence to support the notion that the Arctic was once in a tropical zone otherwise how are we to account for the remains of tropical vegetation and animals under the ice today? Things have NOT always been as they are today. Land masses have sank and arose. Continents have collided and separated and broken apart. Not once, not twice, but MANY times in the past.

    [Takes off professor spectacles, wipes forehead with handkerchief, and walks out of auditorium before he is lynched by academia……..]


    • I want to reply to all these great points. lol

      1. I agree and think the poles and ice caps may have even been situated over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans somewhere but in reverse polarity? But we would see no evidence of this possibility of course.

      2. I think you are right. You can age Rock layers, but you can’t determine the source they came from. I understand a bit about geology and I know for sure that the Continents have been scrambled like eggs in a pan. We have a spot near here where the layers have been completely flipped over and upside down concerning age. This is why paleomagnetism might not be quite accurate. Maybe it could be if the crust wasn’t scrambled up the way it is. Like you say… When and how many times?

      3. Yep, and Dinosaurs and Marsupials on the tropical Antarctic Land mass. Same Dinosaurs and Marsupials found in South America so we know for sure they were attached during a warmer period. (Which raises a curiosity about how this blocking of the circumpolar Antarctic Currents affected the Weather around the whole Globe.)

      4. I absolutely believe they know what they are talking about. I think I read the same beliefs from other cultures around the world also.

      5. I think this belief was actually proven to be false, Someone very hip on this once showed me that this was a rumor spread by the Catholic Church to discredit the intelligence level and validity of the Anglican Faith. “See how pagan they are? they believe the Earth is Flat”. Then the rumor stuck, spread and still exists today. lol

      6. Yep… If you “condition” someone from birth and convince them that Blue is Green, and Green is Blue, they will argue this as fact for the rest of their lives. Look at the recent riots in the Streets. Truth aside, These confused kids perspectives have been conditioned in mass to believe that Green is Blue.

      7. This theory is one I strongly believe. The Arctic Ocean once being the center of the “known world” has very very strong merit. Nordic “Ancestor” Myths maybe right on the money with this premise.

      8. You already know I agree with you on this one. I am now convinced after our discussions that the first migration was during the previous interglacial and then the Crust was “Scrambled” and “Flooded” again wiping out all evidence except the very few that happened to survive and start over . ๐Ÿ™‚

      I too think Hapgood is right. I have thought deeply about the physical results of an event like this. The physics would not be universal around the globe. If Earth physically flipped over the mass Inertia would be incredible! But it would not be universal, there would be two locations opposite of each other that would have less impact from this mass inertia. This is where someone has the best chances of survival if they were lucky enough to be in these locations when it happened.

      I have been searching for a computer model of this possibility and result but haven’t had very much extra time to chase one down yet. Would you happen to know of one Roberto? I wish I was better at programming because this would be a very worthy project if no one has done one yet.

      It would show exactly how the Crust and Oceans would be affected by this mass inertia. I’m sure it would be scary as hell watching the Earth get “Scrambled” in a model like this. But it could explain quite a bit about past events that may have affected our Crust and Oceans.

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  11. Unfortunately I don’t know of any computer model for this but I’m sure there must be some. Yes, indeed, to watch the crust and oceans move and them get scrambled would be unnerving to say the least lol. But there are all kinds of “legends” and oral traditions around the world that attest to just that. They apparently are telling us the ground under our feet is NOT safe ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I will keep looking, I really want to check this out, if I run across something I will get it here ASAP.

      You know that how it would affect each Continent and the oceans would even be determined by what exact minute it started because of the gravitational influence of the Sun and the Moon pulling on our mass at the same time.


  12. Well they are after this with the “spiritual” direction again. Just incredible… You can plainly see on the south and other side of the river and the “Modern Border” they are still practicing this small localized garden plotting that would indeed be practical and eco-friendly. This technique would have had very little if any impact on the environment. Look around close and you can see ancient dams and irrigation works. But of course there is no way these folks could have been intelligent enough to be farming so it is all effort towards pagan worship. Like they had time to build impractical earthworks considering every physical effort expended absolutely needed to go into increasing their calorie intake and survival. They are GARDEN PLOTS. lol (My rant for the day)

    Zoom in on these coordinates

    10ยฐ28’27.77″ S 67ยฐ19’11.47″ W

    Link to this new article…


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    • Yeap everything is always religion, spiritual, worship etc etc. Why? Because god forbid we give our ancients any credit for their intelligence. I mean, afterall, aren’t we moderns the smartest things that ever hit the planet???? The agenda is: paint our ancestors as ignorant barbarian fools so we can make OUR world APPEAR super-dooper intelligent. BULLSHIT!!!


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