10 comments on “Stone Tool Making EXPOSED!

  1. Very cool topic! I had never dug into Capuchin monkeys much until something was brought up about Primates at AO, might have been you that brought it up Roberto.

    Their likeness to man is pretty incredible, I was surprised to learn that they are omnivores and along with greens they also eat Insects, Mollusks, other animals including other Primates, Frogs and those near water eat Crab and other Shellfish by using a stone to crack open the Shells.

    They are active during the day, take midday naps, and sleep at night like us. They have Clans and Tribes with some having a dominant male in charge and some with both a dominant male and a dominant female in charge just like a human family. They have even done experiments that proved Capuchins can grasp the concept of currency and the understanding of profit or loss.

    Pretty smart Critter if you ask me! lol


  2. I can just imagine about the attitude if they are anything like a human! lol I have never been lucky enough to be around any yet. Maybe someday I will get the chance to check one out first hand.

    Yeah, I remember now it was when we were discussing the migration of the new world primates on AO. 🙂


  3. They bite. They have mood swings. They are rather unpredictable. Etc…etc…etc. Nasty little creatures at times but most certainly cute LOL 🙂 Oh yes and they also like to steal when you’re not looking!!


    • See…I knew Kleptomania was a primal instinct! Someone once told me that Humans were born “innocent and good” as a general rule. I argued back and told them to throw a full bottle into a room full of one year old babies and watch what happens. There will be a violent scramble to get possession of that fumbled ball! lol


  4. Personalities and tools are not uniquely human, confusion about a recently invented tool is unique to humans. i wrote a peer reviewed paper just the other day, my wife reviewed it and took it to work for her peers to review as well. so here it is, my peer reviewed paper. Indoor Plumbing, Human Plumbing, and the Gender-Confused Lately their has been some reports in the news that there is some people who are confused about how indoor plumbing, and human plumbing work. They call themselves “gender-queer.” They also believe somehow their rights have been infringed upon by pipes and porcelain fixtures. All of this whining and total lack of the most basic knowledge about indoor plumbing and human plumbing has the government spending our tax dollars to fix this non-existent problem. In the poor parts of India millions upon millions of people don’t even know what indoor plumbing looks like. If they have to go, they just go to a field next to a sacred cow, or empty lot next to a feral dog, and drop trow and go. Men, women, and children, nobody complains. Not even about the stench. That’s the way it is. Prior to indoor plumbing, that’s the way it was, unless somebody built an out house. Back to when we climbed down out of the trees and stopped flinging feces at one another, that’s the way it was. But we evolved into whiny, politically correct, delicate snowflakes. The last time I was at a rest stop, I noticed that it had been completely rebuilt. All new walls, floors, doors, state of the art, high tech, artificially intelligent, auto-flushing toilets too. Also I saw 3 doors to 3 rooms. Needing to take a leak badly, I also felt a little like I was on Let’s Make a Deal. My eyes panned left and I saw the sign above the 1st door. It said: MEN/WOMEN. There also were 2 stick figures, one with a skirt on, the other stark naked. The 2nd, center door had the exact same sign, EXACT. The 3rd, right hand door had the EXACT same sign as well. Now I’m confused. Where is the MEN’s room with the naked stick figure? So as to not infringe on anybodies rights, I pick the center door. I open the door and turn on the light and there it was, the horror story of somebody’s poor dietary choices in the auto-flushing toilet. It also stank much like the poor parts of India. Not knowing how to flush an auto-flushing toilet, I look for an auxiliary back-up analogue handle, none to be found. Seeing what looked like an I-phone cam on the front of the tank, I wave my hand in front of it and magically the whole horror story is flushed away. I zip up, and as I turn away from the toilet it flushes automatically. I turn and think, what the, why didn’t it flush before? Now I’m befuddled. There can be only 2 reasons why this could be. The confused person before me was the invisible man, or, artificially intelligent toilets are dumber than shit. I return to the car and realize I have mild to moderate restroom rage. Venting about my whole confusing, befuddling, and horrific, experience, my wife laughs her ass off . I think it would be cheaper for the government to send all of the gender confused on a vacation to the poor parts of India and allow them to be treated like every man, woman, and child. They get to crap anyplace they want, equally, right next to the sacred cow and feral dog. Maybe then they would have a basic understanding of the benefits of indoor plumbing, and stop whining. If a man wants to sit and pee, he can. He does not need a different toilet as they are all identical, all toilets look and flush exactly the same, no matter what room they are in. Men do not need a different room either, they are all exactly the same, 1 floor, 1 ceiling, and 4 walls, with a door and maybe a window. All of the plumbing is exactly the same and code inspected too. Why all the whining? Men sitting to pee is nothing new. Straight married men invented it. Since about 2 NIGHTS after indoor plumbing was invented, straight married men have been sitting to pee for 2 reasons: 1. we are tired of our wives chewing our asses for not putting the toilet seat back down. And 2. we are tired of our wives chewing our asses for not putting the toilet seat UP in the first place. STOP WHINING guys, sit and pee, we do. The gender confused women that think they need to go into a man’s crapper and squat at a urinal to pee, well that’s going to look awfully silly, not to mention if they lose their balance they fall back into it, what then? They will do an ass-plant right on top of a urinal deodorant cake and AT LEAST 3 piss soaked cigarette butts. More whining will occur now. The government is now going to have to install a shower wherever a urinal is so confused women can wash the butts off of their butts. Now the straight married man’s rights and OSHA regulations have been violated. Wherever there is an urinal, earplugs will be required to protect our hearing from all of the post ass-plant, high pitched whining, even if a shower is provided. It just seems there are a few people who want have their cake and eat it to at great expense to others. Well, you can’t, that’s the rules, and they are printed in black and white on the urinal cake wrapper, WARNING: DO NOT EAT!! i haven’t mastered paragraphs on comments for some reason. i do have it down with my document thingy and the ancient artifact called the typewriter, so i sincerely apologize for my lack of ability.

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  5. Lol… That’s great! I like this guy… Thanks Randolf!

    Your paragraph issue is no bother to us Randolf. But you could try to hit “enter” twice after you end the sentence where you want to start a new paragraph. It should drop you down two lines for the next paragraph 🙂

    But this Web script I noticed won’t allow indents on the first sentence, You can put them in but it takes them back out . A lot of scripts do that and I never figured out why.

    Thanks again Randolf…


    • Oh…and “Backspace” if you need to go back up for some reason. I had that problem when I first started typing into web script fields also. I think everyone does. 🙂


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