4 comments on “Baltic hunter-gatherers began farming on their own

  1. And this would absolutely fit into your Climate and Ingenuity of early man concepts Roberto. Forced to use remote ingenuity because of climate changes.

    As you know here are examples in the Eastern US also. Where certain Tribes were propagating Wild wetland Tubers within their own natural environment of growth to increase the wild natural harvest. Even if basic this would be pocket agriculture also.

    Once again another example of changing the official narrative! thank you!


  2. Yes there were pockets of agriculture going on in Native America long before the coming of any foreigners. Where did it come from? I think it came from intelligence and vision! Man has always adapted to climate change and the proof is in our own existence today. If our ancestors had not always adapted to climate change then none of us would be here today. Instead the human species would have died out long, long ago.

    The “official party line or narrative” MUST be changed to discover truth but before that we need to de-emphasize money and, sadly, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Those who provide the funding expect certain results and the social sciences deliver be those result factual or not. Fake science! Politically Correct science! HOGWASH in my book!!


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