11 comments on “GIANTS! Fact or Fiction?

  1. “And I am not alone in my belief either.” No…you are not… I think you are right on the money with this.

    If you don’t mind I would like to also add that a few of these stories could be Metaphorical rather than physical descriptions. Some of these stories could be related to individuals or a culture that was held in very high regard for their deeds, accomplishments, capabilities or cultural stature, both right or wrong out of either fear or respect.. As in “they were giants among men”.


  2. By the way… Not sure how they did it but the first image, if it is indeed old and not photoshopped later? the shadow angles are way off! lol

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    • Pretty sure the image has been photo shopped but it is an image often used by those pushing the “giants” theory. Personally I myself have never seen a skeleton past or present over 6’5″ and certainly not one 23 ft tall. When I do see one 23 ft tall or more then I will buy into the “giants” theory but until then I remain highly skeptical 🙂


  3. Same here! And about the Red Hair… “Red Ocher” makes a fairly permanent hair dye. 🙂

    The Waterfowl Decoys are very cool. Probably one of the most significant finds ever! They are as accurate as modern decoys. Look at how accurately they could depict their surroundings. The accuracy of ancient paintings and petroglyphs should never be discredited. These are a very good 3D model example of this.

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  4. Red Ochre is great for many things 🙂 The duck decoys are really amazing and just as good or better than what is produced today proving that these people had talent and intelligence. Not quite the “savages” once thought to be. And I predict we will find the same with other ancients as well including Neanderthals, Erectus, et al.


  5. well when you are right you are right. the pic of the giant skeleton is photo shopped according the debunkers. it is either a real archeologist standing above a mammoth skeleton, and the mammoth is replaced with an enlarged pic of a human skeleton,or the guy is standing in a field and the enlarged pic of the skeleton is photo shopped into it. as for the sonic chambers that to is very real as far as music goes. i saw a documentary on some Neanderthal cave in Europe. the anthropologist discovered that in the cave rooms that had a lot of art, generations of art the acoustics were such that one could do a chant, and wow they didn’t have all the expensive digital gadgets and gizmoes to sound phenomenal. the rooms that had little or no art did not have the cool acoustic features. There are ancient man-made structures carved out of limestone formations that have acoustic features as well. my wife keeps telling not to bring up politics and religion, people don’t like to talk about them, fact or fiction they are not interested. the same can be said about scientific fact, climate change and inclement weather. nobody is interested in the truth even when they ask a direct question, they are not interested in honesty. example: somebody asks you how the weather is where you live, they are only interested in hearing 1 word, “fine”. they do not want to hear ” it is really shitty, i just slid off of the freeway and plummeted over a cliff, could you please text me later.” it is clear that politics, religion, science, climate and weather are closely related to the ordinary savings account at your local bank, they all generate zero interest whatsoever. sad but true, that.

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  6. And when you are right, your ARE right Randolf 🙂 Everything you’ve said here is the hard truth which only goes to prove what I’ve been saying for decades now and that is that most people would rather believe a lie over the truth. Myself, I want to know the truth of the past and follow the evidence wherever it might lead EVEN if it leads to something I may not be ready to accept.

    The Neanderthals were amazing in my estimation and NOT the club carrying brutes we’ve made them out to be at all. In fact, I think they were far from it. I have heard of the acoustical cave you are referring to and it is quite amazing. I strongly believe our ancient ancestors didn’t need the gadgets we have today. They used technologies that were “nature friendly” meaning not artificial. And what they did with these technologies is actually pretty amazing I think.


  7. Absolutely…And what Randolf just explained about ancients preferring to do artwork in the better sounding cave rooms I did not know… this is very interesting to find out. Were they more “inspired” because these rooms sounded better as they sang and painted? Kind of like wishing you had a paint brush while signing in the shower? lol

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