10 comments on “The Apache Death Cave….Revenge of the Navajo

  1. Holy cow… I have been by there myself many times and also wanted to explore. “Welcome to Two Guns…Fire retardant measures recommended”. lol

    I haven’t looked into it but has anyone done an official dig in this yet? Did the floor look like it might be deep enough for possible paleo sign?

    Incredible story, I had no idea. 🙂


  2. I really haven’t looked into it either in relation to whether or not there has been an actual dig at this site. I think the floor MAY contain paleo signs in some places but am not sure. There are Native American ruins in the area most of which have not been excavated. Southeast of the cave in another canyon near Chavez Pass (north of Payson) is another canyon with a large cave and Native American ruins throughout the canyon that have also not been excavated. I believe they were built by the Sinaqua who were a Pueblo people but that is my own opinion.

    Don’t know if and when I’ll make it to the Apache death cave site again possibly to do a night adventure but I’ll be sure to bring my fire retardant and crucifixes LOL. Perhaps a few priests too, come to think of it.


    • Yeah It wouldn’t bother me to stay over night in the cave either. lol It could be a righteous spiritual experience!

      Sounds like that area around Payson needs some ground work done! I honestly think that area was once an Isthmus during the Paleo era!


  3. Your reply to my question had no “reply” button so I am thanking you here for your answer. 🙂 Uh oh… The word “Tours” can be just as bad as “fed land” if one wanted to try and negotiate a dig there in the future. Unless the owner holds historical fact and discovery in very very high regard and priority. Just poking around at possibilities. 🙂


  4. According to Susan Branch who lives in Winslow, AZ and whose family was friends with some of the people at Two Guns the last caretaker was Jimmy Solinger who committed suicide. (see link below and look for her in comments section). I have a contact in that part of the world and if I can get a hold of her this weekend I’ll ask her just who owns Two Guns today as she may well know. If so I will let you know here.


    Most of the so called “ruins” are fake on this site as they were built as a tourist attraction when Two Guns was thriving. As for the cave itself the original owner of Two Guns actually SOLD the bones of the Apaches he found in the cave to tourists!! Outrageous!!

    The site and the cave have been ruined I am sure with all of the foot traffic over the years since the place burned down. I’ve seen sites like this before and, frankly, there is very little left as most artifacts of any kind are long gone and taken by treasure hunters. I do know of one site in the general area that many years ago was absolutely pillaged by men with shovels! This is a horrible thing and I suspect this cave is likely today in bad shape from an archaeological point of view. I may go check it out again this summer if I get up that way but not for sure yet. Whatever the current condition of the site, however, it would be interesting just to do some preliminary excavations to see if anything can be found.


  5. Good deal… My interest would be more for a deeper dig if the floor looks like it might be deep enough, 20-25 feet? I would be more interested in the big Paleo-Fish rather than the archaic, right? 🙂

    But if it is tore up, it is tore up… and not worth the effort.

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