4 comments on “Libya’s “Calico Hills”: Artifacts Galore O MY!

  1. So in the artifact image, only the one on the bottom right could be argued as more than likely a geofact. There is no way nature could have made the other three.

    But my curiosity would be, what physical forces in that location could have banged rocks together hard enough to create so many geofacts? These show rounding before they were chipped, but what about after?

    It looks like what we call “Desert pavement”, where finer sand and dirt is slowly washed out from under larger stones over a very long time allowing them to all settle into one strata layer from many different strata layers that were once above this layer. But they were also washed down into place which causes rounding before this happens.

    This can only happen if the normal yearly rainfall is very light and does not flood often.. It appears this Is possible in the desert where these are located. But when Rocks are physically moved enough to knock chips out there is always additional signs of “River Polish/wear” that also smooths edges.

    Meaning if there was enough water to bang these together and create geofacts there would also be much more smoothing of the Stone too. Personally I have very seldom ever seen anything but rounded smoothed rocks in desert pavement.

    One would have to really search hard to find any that are chipped like this, let alone with semi-sharp edges remaining. It would have had to be a huge one time event that created all these geofacts at one time and then left them sitting without any movement after for these edges to remain as they are.


  2. I agree… The physics just are not there for nature to have accomplished these. Cause and Effect just isn’t working. If Geofacts then how? The burden of proof is on them at that point and I haven’t seen one feasible explanation how nature created all these “accidents” yet.


  3. My wife said today is Super Bowl Sunday… I had no idea. lol Don’t care, Hype and Commercialization destroyed my interest years ago. So I think I will go take a walk and get a few images of Desert pavement, just for the sake of discussions like this in the future. I have 17 hundred square miles of it in my front yard. lol

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