18 comments on “Tiahuanaco: A Fascinating Site in Disarray

  1. I agree, there was once a past very intelligent species that became extinct. Although there is proof of head binding as a practice, this came later possibly to emulate an earlier known species that was held in very high regard.

    But it appears a few of these Skulls found have greatly increased Cranial Capacity like the one you picture above. This capacity has never been matched in any other Homo species past or present. Then there is the DNA found to not match any other Hominoid past or Present.


    • I agree that the head binding practice came later. They were emulating the elite who were now gone. These people may have been the ones from which the legends of Atlantis spring among others. These may be the people of the last Hopi world (age). Whatever they were we find them all over. Example: Egypt’s Akhenaten who also had an elongated head and a tall rather thin body so in my mind that says this culture or human species was global not just regional.


  2. Thank you for debunking the alien crap. like you i too believe in them, but they did not magically levitate those huge rocks into place at Pumu Puncu, the pyramids etc… we all know about the bronze age, stone age, etc… but what about the “wood age.” before we mastered tools to manipulate stone or metal we manipulated wood. i have seen documentaries about the stone tools. i can’t remember what they were made of, flint or whatever. under a microscope you can see that they are sharper than modern day scalpels. that said one can easily see that we could easily tool wood. our ancestors would have used massive scaffolds, ramps, pulleys and the like and either old fashioned horsepower or older human power to hoist the rocks into place. to bad the “wood age” is not in recorded history because of bio-degradation. prior to refrigeration, and the all you can eat buffet, everybody were true “multitaskers.” we weren’t just carpenters, we were also stonemasons, blacksmiths, herbalists, farmers and ranchers. we had to not only build stuff we made our own tools and we had to raise our own food to eat, both meat and potatoes. It is clear that humans are devolving again, our ancestors, clearly are smarter and better at multitasking than we are today. Women are also better at multitasking than men. a man can change the oil or do a brake job. women can put on their make-up, text their BFF, eat a breakfast burrito, smoke a cigarette, at the exact same time they are honking their horn, dynamiting their brakes and flipping me off, while i a simple man try to drive through a green light AND survive. women, contrary to some belief, are not inferior to men. never have been, never will be. can a man make a baby? can a man feed a newborn? the way things are going today, there is going to have to be a major paradigm shift in our culture, society or the human race will be a losing race and we will go extinct. have a good day!

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    • Randolf… My comments below were meant as replies to your great comment here. Welcome! Thank you for the great chuckle this morning! lol


    • Now this is funny. Thank you for the good laugh this morning 🙂 I think you are right. Before anything else wouldn’t early man have used simple wood first? I think so. But you forgot one thing. The stones at Puma Punku are very detailed and women tend to focus on detail more than men. So women may have designed the site or at the very least they had their hands in it. In fact, women played important roles in ancient societies even in prehistoric ones. For example, we know that some Neanderthal women hunted game sometimes with men and other times with other women. As for devolving? Well just look around lol. All the evidence is clear. Thank you and welcome Randolf. Now….I’m off on my starship for the Netherworld lol.


  3. That has got to be one of the funniest paragraphs I have read in my life! lol My wife and I are busting up! lol My oldest daughter lives in phoenix and does that every morning on her way to work!

    So? are saying that women actually built Puma Punku because of their superior multitasking abilities??? lol

    No… I get it and think you are right. We tend to forget that the simple wood lever has been used for a long long time. In fact the Bow and Arrow was a very late invention in the Americas, before that “leverage” of the Atlatl was predominant. And I my opinion the Bow was an import from overseas before it was thought possible 🙂

    I have a long theory about how Puma Punku stones were set so tightly and it starts with the source quarry, but I haven’t yet figured out how they moved them. But Manpower was not a problem for them, and if you give a man a lever he can move a mountain.


  4. “everybody were true “multitaskers.” we weren’t just carpenters, we were also stonemasons, blacksmiths, herbalists, farmers and ranchers”

    Absolutely, This is one of my major issues about current society. The underlying premise is that you are only allowed to have knowledge in one skill, field or occupation. Everything has to be a sole specialty with no knowledge being recognized beyond this one specialty.

    And if you try to even mention having knowledge in a second or third skill it is automatically discredited if you don’t have permission from peers in that field. “Where’s your Credentials?”, “Where’s your Degree?”, Where’s your license”. “You are not allowed to discuss this, It is not in your field.”

    And then even if you do have credentials in a field but they happened to have “expired” for some reason… All of a sudden you no longer possess any knowledge or credibility about that Field until it is renewed. Then because it is renewed the knowledge is all of sudden back and credible again? It makes no sense.

    If a Driver’s or Fishing license expires does this mean that all knowledge and experience you still hold about how to Drive or Fish is now gone and no longer credible?

    OK there’s my Rant for the day! lol

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  5. In my mind knowledge is not reflected by the letters behind one’s name. In fact, I know many people with many letters behind their names that, frankly, are academic idiots! Oh yes and they are all experts just ask them lol.


    • I am familiar with the “educated idiot” reality too. I have met a lot of geniuses that could not even change out a flat tire on their own car. Even with an instruction sticker on the trunk lid.


  6. Thanks guys for liking my comment and welcoming me. i have read and commented here before as “riparianfrstlvr” as well as Ancient Origins. Like you i am interested in intellectual stimulation and truth about whatever i am googling. unfortunately the internet was originally designed just for that, extrapolating knowledge and information. it has evolved into a babysitter, obsession and addiction even. i guess i’m tired of being anon, or using some fake name because i really don’t care if paranoid, stupid people don’t like me. i’m getting tired of AO. when i read about people who think that they are shape shifters and can turn into a werewolf, yet they don’t look like one in this realm, but do in the “Netherworld”, or even worse a Naturapath doctor who writes an entire article about chemtrails, what does any of that have to do with my ancestors the Neanderthals? i don’t know why some people’s efforts and scientific findings are marginalized and debased just because they shed a new possibly more accurate light on a particular subject. ego? arrogance? it does not make sense to me either. but that’s the way things have been for a long long time. i could go on a major rant about the chemtrailertrash, the “white”washing of history and so on. but i will say this, i don’ t believe for second that this is the first global economy, it may be the last. arrogance and ego seem to rule everything these days as well as history and science. for example, Columbus thought he was someplace else, he was lost, Lewis and Clark would have died 3 times if it wasn’t for Sakagawea, she was the actual leader of that expedition. the 3 of those white men discovered nothing, but they did get one hellava education from the locals!


    • Please come engage conversation with us more! it is very welcome. I understand what you say about AO, I am now sorry I used my real name in association over there. I walked away last week, the double standards, hypocrisy and caste community was enough for me. And as for the “tinfoil hat” topics, I truly think they are designed as a distraction away from reality on purpose.

      I mean really… an article about ancient sex toys can be featured but if one was to comment about sex toys in any of the other articles it would be removed. They do the same with Religion and Politics. They post articles about ancient Religious and Political practices to seed discussion about these topics, but pull all comments that make any comparisons to Religion and Politics in current society.

      These topics just happen to have had the absolute most influence on the history of man, cultures and civilizations. And if we do not learn from this with objectivity, we are destined to repeat the same mistakes. A good friend of mine, Dr Robert Owens stated it very well… “Studying the History of the Future”. Well…this includes all discussion on all topics that have brought us to where we are now.

      Making an effort to manipulate, distract from, or hide historical fact is not going to change historical fact. And AO is selectively doing exactly that…

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  7. Your description of what the Internet has become could not be more accurate, sadly. As for why some people’s efforts and findings are marginalized and debased I do think you hit the nail on the head. Many times it is rather obviously ego and arrogance. I’m a firm believer in following the science wherever it leads and no matter where it leads. I’d rather know scientific truth than popular myth! Also, feel free to RANT anytime Randolf. That’s why I named this blog, in part, “rants” because not only can I rant on it but also everyone else lol.

    Finally, you’re absolutely right about Columbus, Lewis, and Clark. They did indeed get one hellava education from the locals lol. Columbus was lost no doubt about it and Lewis and Clark would have been dead meat had it not been for the native woman Sacagawea. And although they discovered nothing these men get amazing credit for discovery! And all those who came before them that really did discover something are summarily ignored. What a load of crap! It’s time to uncover and face truth, scientific truth, whether we like it or not and whether it nicely fits our popular narrative or not. It’s time to break the yoke of lies around our necks. Also, I hold the view that there were many past great civilizations and man/woman did some pretty amazing things back then. It’s time we uncover those things and realize that we (humans) are much more capable than we think or have been taught.


    • Very well said. As for the capability of women… After being married 32 years and raising three girls, I am fully aware of what they are capable of and would never underestimate their abilities! lol


  8. Now that I got that out of my system, I am going to offer a “Tinfoil hat” theory about how these intricate carvings might have been accomplished. lol

    But the theory is indeed based on known physics and science. The question is was ancient man capable of this technology? With so many ancient sites now being connected to Sonic Sound Waves and Frequencies I think it is very possible that they had full understanding of how to manipulate sound!

    As a life long musician I fully understand the physics of Sonic Frequencies. Could it be that Sound was manipulated to change the physical characteristics of Stone? Could sand as a medium and sound frequencies have been used to make these intricate carvings?

    We are just now starting to find this science an actual reality so we know it can be done. I played with years ago, I hung a bag of Sand 1 Ft in Front of a speaker. I put a very rough shaped stone in with the sand and left it there for a few weeks and used the stereo on a normal basis. When I removed the stone it was polished all most perfectly round with similar “Ripples” like you see in the links below.

    Now I have indeed seen these similar ripples in some of the ancient “unexplained” carvings around the world. Ancient 3D printing? What do you think? lol




    • Not that they had Stereos of course, but they did have instruments and human voices. And we know that a vocalist can shatter a crystal glass from 30 ft away with just a vocal frequency and not even high volume… so why not? 🙂


  9. Now you have touched on something absolutely fascinating. You’re experiment is absolutely intriguing! I’m going to try it myself and see if I can repeat your experiment. Science/physics is discovering the power of sound waves more and more and if the ancients knew this technology just think of what they could have done or did. Their technologies likely were NOT the same as those we have today but I think they achieved about the same results as we do.

    As far as we know the ancients didn’t have stereos lol but they did have musical instruments and their voices. And consider that music seems to have always been with us in some form or another. Did Homo erectus sing or hum? Did Homo habilis? I’m almost 100% Neanderthals did and in fact they even made musical instruments! So did they realize the power of sound long ago and employ it as a technology at some point? I think that very possible.

    As I was reading your experiment I recalled the “echo chambers” in some ancient ruins. We don’t know exactly what they were used for but we do know that the human voice and musical instruments sound very nice in them as they are very acoustical. Now of course anything we don’t understand we pass of as “religious” and that is how we’ve passed off some of these “echo chambers.” But, were they used for religious purposes and ritual OR might they have been used to do what you did in your little experiment or both? Are we passing off these chambers as “religious” when in fact we are actually looking at a very ancient technology?

    On the same note I also thought of the wonderful carvings of the pharaohs in Egypt especially those carved on the temples. It has been pretty much proven that these human carvings are symmetrical. That is the left side is a copy of the right side. Now how did the ancient Egyptians achieve that without our modern machines? Sound waves? A friend who is an archaeologist once speculated that perhaps these people carved one side of the statues and left the other side rough and used sound or something else to get the rough side to become a carbon copy of the other side. I found his idea intriguing and still do especially now! If that is the case then they didn’t need our modern precision machines!

    So often when we think in terms of technology we think in terms of our own technology. I think what is happening is that we are like a stone age tribe looking at an automobile or computer and trying to describe it LOL. We try to describe ancient technologies in terms of our own references but those ancient technologies were not like ours and therefore our references cannot describe them perhaps.

    I have heard sound waves suggested several times before by others as perhaps being used by the ancients to achieve some of the wonders they created. I have always thought it might be possible and now I think it was highly possible! Were they using sound waves to produce carvings, polished stones some small and some very large, and is this how they erected the pyramids and other monuments? I don’t think that is a “tinfoil hat” theory. In fact, sound waves MAY be the KEY or a key to ancient technology OR at the very least to understanding those ancient technologies.

    Great job JR! I’m going to see if I can replicate your experiment and I’l let you know how it turns out 🙂

    [gets down off of soap box trying to discreetly stuff tinfoil hat in back pocket before anyone notices……and whistling “Dixie” on the way out]


  10. I agree, I think most times we limit our scope of possibilities which might be blinding us from seeing what might be right in front of our faces. lol

    I shortened the details of my experiment, The conditions were not without additional required details that made it work. But it worked. 🙂 I will send you the details so you can check it out!

    I did this years ago when I was playing with lapidary (because I like Rocks) to make a few extra bucks to add to my weekend gig of doing music for a living. The term Starving Musician is quite accurate! lol

    I did it out of curiosity if rocks could also be “polished” in the lapidary sense using sound vibrations. But since then this curiosity has grown more as I run into different circumstances like you described.

    It was the first thought I had when I read about the ancient Echo/Sound chambers too. It really hit me upside the head when I started digging into how different 3D printers worked as the technology has advanced over the last few years… being techy and all.

    The article I shared was just one of many that kept pointing towards this possibility. Then a few months ago I ran across an article about “unexplained” carvings found at an ancient site in Peru that had these same strange Ripples like the ceramics these guys are working with.

    I lost track of it but will try to find it again. I am thinking it was one of the ancient settlements east of lake Titicaca. But these Ripples were far too perfect, even and symmetric to be created with a chisel or scraping tool. They looked a lot like what these guys are creating.

    You know that certain tuning frequencies have ben manipulated by human politics during history right? I wonder why this is? To prevent discovery and use of these maybe? Even Hitler invested quite a bit into experimenting with sonic frequencies!

    This theory came about by accident over time but know what? I think it is a very “Sound” concept too! lol It truly deserves some further serious investigation!


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