3 comments on “When Asia Heated Up BUT Glaciers GREW!

  1. Here’s a curious thought that is beyond my understanding of Weather Science and thermal dynamics. But in my line of expertise I have a very comprehensive understanding about artificial refrigeration and cooling design and the science that makes it work .

    Maybe some of the principles also apply to these micro climates. The first common misconception about principles in artificially refrigerated systems is that they “produce cold” in a certain controlled area when in reality they are designed to “Remove heat” from a certain controlled area.

    Of course most know that this is accomplished with gas/liquid being cycled though a loop of expansion and evaporation from a liquid to a gas in an opposite location from the other side of the cycle which is Condensation back to a liquid and heat radiation.

    But the cycle is created by applying heat. From an actual heat source like the old propane refrigerators or by compression and kinetic energy like modern refrigerators. So in reality the more heat you apply on one side the more it removes heat from the other side making it cooler.

    I wonder if a similar type of principle is at work with these micro climates? Even hotter environment on one side of the loop creating an even cooler environment on the other side of the loop? Just a curious thought because I really don’t know enough about the atmosphere to figure this one out but I know this is a principle that does actually work in a controlled environment. 🙂


  2. Frankly I think what you propose is very possible. I’m not an expert on anything (I never admit to being an expert lol) but your idea is plausible and possible IMO. In line with your thinking then there had to be an area where heat that was being removed was accumulating right? So that place would be warmer than normal for the time.


  3. Yep…and in turn reversed to make it unusually cooler on the other end too, self perpetuating. But for this to work the local system would have to be somewhat contained. Mountain ridges on both sides with a thermal layer above and of course a valley below to contain it and make it a semi-closed system maybe? Could have been a coincidental type situation caused by a perfect accident of mother nature?

    Thank you for sharing, How this could happen now has me intrigued, lol


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