3 comments on “Resurrection of the Auroch!

  1. If they don’t lose the advantages of the Brahman traits passed down, they will be resistant to both Heat and Cold. The ability to gain weight and survive on less water and feed for their size would also be an advantage.

    But I’ll tell you what, There is still a very fine line between “Gentle” and “Aggressive” even in modern “Domesticated” Bovine. lol Their original “Fight or Flight” instincts are like a light switch. The throwbacks tend to have their “fight” switched on more often than off.

    Far too many times I have been in a situation where they waited until the very last second to turn this switch from “Fight” mode to “Flight” mode. And when you are on foot and have an animal weighing as much as a VW Beetle headed at you with their switch on Fight mode it is a serious life or death matter.

    The Santa Gertrudis breed can weigh over a thousand pounds more than a Kodiac Bear. And these Aurochs weighed even 500 pounds more than a Santa Gertrudis. That Fight or Flight Switch will be the true determining factor in success or failure in this project. lol


  2. Three times we had our very “Gentle” Santa Gertrudis bulls stick a horn under our truck and turn it up on it’s side just because they got impatient while we were delivering and unloading winter feed out on the Range, and we were in the back unloading!

    They don’t even have to be aggressive to be dangerous. Just size alone is a huge factor. lol


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