16 comments on “Yet Another Creature NOT Extinct!…or maybe not

  1. Oh man… You just tapped into my life’s work as an activist since the 70’s. I have collected and exposed enough proof of Fraud, Embezzlement, Misrepresentation, Misappropriation. Money Laundering and Etc. from environmental organizations like the Sierra Club, The Land Trust and others that I could fill enough pages to equal a set of encyclopedias.

    The worst part is that 99% of their actions end up creating much more damage to Nature than if they had not even touched it in the first place. The actions and results coming from these groups are down right criminal. But I will stop there because it is a topic worthy of a whole blog of it’s own and would detract from you blog theme here my Friend. 🙂


  2. In fact… If there has truly been a decline of population in this species, you can bet it was caused by prior environmental regulations that were passed. Just like the push to eliminate all manmade water sources in the Desert Southwest and “Return it back to Natural as it was 300yrs ago”. The claim was that it was to protect the Tortoise, but in turn it almost caused a hundred species of Birds, Rodents and Insects to go extinct.

    It will never be as wet as it was 300 yrs ago and manmade water sources have actually saved these species from extinction. Ranchers and Sportsman finally reversed this ideal with proof, millions of dollars in legal fees, personal donations, and hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteerism. The environmental groups cared only about the immediate money they could skim without any thought at all for the true long term consequences and full scope of the damage it would actually do.


  3. This guy spent 1500 hours in the wilderness looking for these woodpeckers between 2005 and 2013. That equals out to 2 months (62.5 days) or 187.5 hours per year. Frankly, I don’t consider that a lot. How about some game trail cams or drones? I suspect this is just another scam and more JUNK SCIENCE which, frankly, seems to be far to prevalent these days!

    Regarding the crimes of the environmentalists you forgot to mention the arson they’ve committed over many years. You also forgot to mention how they went after the logging industry and US Forest Service relating to forest fires. They bankrupted the US logging industry and put them out of business with their regulations. Relating to the USFS they convinced them to put out and an all fires ASAP! Yet, fire is the way a forest cleanses itself!! After years of not letting these fires burn (most caused by lightning not humans btw) our forests are overgrown and tinderboxes. Hence the super forest fires we have today. They actually went AGAINST nature and now we are paying the price but their claim has been “keep the forests nature.” Bull crap! Nothing natural about an overgrown forest.

    I know some about the money laundering and corruption in environmentalist orgs and that is why I do NOT take any of them seriously. Their “science” is CRAP SCIENCE in my book. I also know what you speak of when they went after the ranchers to get rid of manmade watering holes. Yes, their efforts and their “science” came close to causing yet another Mass Extinction Event only this time it WOULD have been human caused.

    I have spent a lot of time in nature (far more than 1500 hours over 8 years) and I have great respect for it and feel a part of it. I do not want to see it destroyed or marred by junk science or self righteous causes that go against the ways of nature. When I do run across REAL science with an environmental cause I support it. For example……….

    In Siberia the mammoth ivory hunters use miles of fire hoses to blow away the permafrost so they can get the ivory of ancient mammoths and sell it on the black market. Basically they aim the powerful hoses at a hill and blow it away! They are destroying the Siberian wilderness and I do not agree with what they do at all. In fact I strongly oppose it and want it stopped!! Once they’ve blown a hill away there’s no putting it back.

    Sadly, as you well know, we live in an age of pseudo-science which is geared towards the almighty dollar and to hell with the facts. Money is laundered, bribes are made and taken, funds are shifted on the books for personal enrichment, and theories are now designed to fit the expectations of the funding sources instead of the evidence. What FOOLISH times we live in!


  4. You know since I’m on this rant (LOL) I might as well finish it………….

    I grew up being taught how to respect nature and how to feel a part of it and how to be a steward of it. But, sadly, that is not how the mainstream goes. Instead people see nature as some sort of enemy to be dominated and controlled and even pillaged! That is to their own disadvantage I’m afraid as one thing I’ve learned from nature is that when you go against her she eventually turns the tables on you and she always wins! I STRONGLY suspect that is what is about to happen very soon on this planet as modern humans have defied nature for far, far too long. I’m pretty sure nature has already identified modern humans and our insistence for destruction as the “disease in need of removal.” And judging from the past pre-history of nature once she identifies the problem she removes it.

    Humans were born to be a part of nature not to be the enemy of nature. At one time we were ALL tribal people no matter where our ancestors came from in the world. They were all once tribal people! Difference between us and them is they knew how to live with nature and we do not and we fight her. That is OUR mistake and likely is to soon be our demise.

    [steps down off of soap box mumbling a few cuss words kicking the dirt in absolute disgust…………]


  5. Lol… I hear you brother! I am the same way. There are true concerns that absolutely need to be addressed. But Hypocrisy, Crap science and Deceptive practices really “Tweak my Mellon” . As you noted it all starts with the “study”. Like this guy and this bird study.

    I was an eye witness and in the Mojave when they did the first (and by the way only) study to prove that gopherus agassizii was endangered. Of course they had already made up their minds that it was indeed endangered before they had even started the study. Cranston, Feinstein and California had already figured out this could lead to huge income and property control and confiscation through non-refundable extortion fees of Permits, Environmental Studies and Etc.

    So the species just had to be classified as endangered. They had already invested far too much for it to turn out the other way. So what they do is purposely pick the two absolute wrong times of the year to walk the desert looking for Tortoises. One mass effort was in the dead of winter. “We can’t find one Turtle, they are definitely endangered and almost extinct”. No… They are SMARTER THAN YOU ARE and hibernate during the Winter.

    The other mass effort was in the middle of one of the hottest Summers we had in a long time in the hottest part of the day. “We still can’t find any, so they are definitely endangered”. No…they are SMARTER THAN YOU ARE and burrow under to stay cool during the hot hours of the day. Now what you might read about this study and how it was done is all crap because I witnessed it for myself. The BS behind this exact study is what spurred me to activism against crap like this.

    They had stacked the deck, and you can bet this guy did the same thing with this Bird study. If he actually looked at all it was probably at the most disadvantageous season or time of year or time of day. But because he has more “Credibility” (Education) than the local 3000 people who would argue with this study he wins and they pay. All this gives one person far too much personal power.

    I deal with biologists all the time, and Authoritarianism and power trips are a huge huge issue! They are never wrong even if you prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Right or Wrong, their judgment is final and cannot be overturned period. And if you try, they will completely destroy your life forever in retaliation for even daring to question their judgment and authority.


  6. Correction… Cranston, Feinstein, California, the SIERRA CLUB, and the NATURE CONSERVANCY… It was the first hook after the Spotted Owl used to snag the Big Fish that we all now deal with on a National Level in every State.


  7. LOL maybe they are just ignorant and don’t know the typical behavior of the tortoise? No they couldn’t possibly be that ignorant but they ARE that conniving! The Spotted Owl routine was yet another scam too.


  8. Where I live there used to be Tule Elk (long before my time) but today it is claimed that they are extinct in this area (miles and miles from California). A friend of mine who was an environmentalist and myself used to argue over whether this smallest species of “dwarf elk” was extinct in my area or not. I knew he was wrong because in my explorations in this area I’d seen all kind of sign of them including droppings and hoof prints. I even went to the point of seeking out “old timers” who told me all about them and where I could find them today in this area.

    I had this friend come here and we went out to the area and lo and behold we found a couple! He was shocked! We went to one of the ranchers in the area who informed us he sees them all the time. We saw the elk around sunset of course. He had nothing to say afterwards LOL.

    Another friend of mine used to study wolves. I told him about some wolves in a certain area which were timber (Lobo) wolves. I have done a bit of studying them myself. He didn’t believe me that they were in that area because they weren’t supposed to be. We got together one day and went up the mountain and in the late afternoon on the way back to town a pack ran across the highway right in front of us! He couldn’t believe his eyes!

    Makes me wonder just when these people look for these “extinct” species. In the heat of the day? Most animals lay down during the afternoon under a tree. Many animals only come out at night mostly. Surely they know animal behavior but they seem to pretend they don’t! In fact they seem clueless!!

    It’s all just a big smoke and mirror show geared towards getting money and control of land. I’ve seen plenty of species they claim are either extinct or endangered including jaguars in the wild. That would be because I spend a lot of time out in the wild exploring. They sit in their offices most of the time and seldom get out further than the city park! That’s one thing that is wrong with anthropology, come to think of it. Most anthropologists sit in their academic offices and never get out and explore yet they are full of opinions, theories, and crap! In my opinion if you don’t “get out there” then you DON’T know! LAZY and Junk Science is what we have today.


  9. “Makes me wonder just when these people look for these “extinct” species.”

    They don’t look,…An “Expert” who is now a high paid Author and Professor teaching this crap invented this hypothetical “fact” (true or not) when he wrote his thesis. That one thesis becomes the future reference for all educational material and legislation on this subject. It starts as nothing but a hypothesis and rumor that snowballs into more crap. They just believe it and never question it or go confirm it for sure.

    This definition of Thesis is what everyone assumes…

    4 : a dissertation embodying results of original research and especially substantiating a specific view; especially : one written by a candidate for an academic degree

    But this is the definition that actually applies…

    2 a : a position or proposition that a person (as a candidate for scholastic honors) advances and offers to maintain by argument b : a proposition to be proved or one advanced without proof : HYPOTHESIS

    And why let a good lie go to waste? lol

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  10. By the way… The “experts” maintain there were NEVER ELK out in the Mojave Desert, yet my NPS archaeologist friend just finished up a dig where they found numerous Charred Elk and ANTELOPE Bones. The biggest surprise were some of the shell beads, They were from the tip of Baja!

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  11. I’ve actually heard other researchers say there were elk in the Mojave at one time and antelope. I even know some older Hopi people who say they remember when there were elk below the mesas in NE Arizona. Now from what I understand the elk numbers are high and big herds have moved out of the forest around Show Low and Payson and into the flats around Holbrook and Winslow and moving north. North is to the Navajo and Hopi reservations! Looks to me like the elk are returning to where they used to be lol.


  12. Sounds like you might be one of those politically incorrect game meat eating sportsmen? Every time I hear someone mention that Venison or Elk tastes “Gamey” to them I say… “WHAT??? You are kidding right?”. lol

    Am I getting this right? The Elk population up in the Navajo Nation along the South East rim of the Canyon east of Flagstaff is bleak? I honestly had no idea. We have Elk further west along the canyon. Last time we were on the Bugout property we found Elk scat. And from what I understand most tags for this district are filled every year.

    Incredible… This information didn’t happen to come from the very liberal NUA did it? lol

    Speaking of NUA… One of the major influences in my life who helped boost my huge love for History and Politics was Mr. NUA himself…Sam Borozan.


    I was fortunate enough to have Sam as my High School History/Government teacher for four years. Sam once told us… “if you can find any falsifications in this mandatory study book I will add a + to your A”. I did and I still do it to this day! lol

    Tell you what… He paid special attention to me and made me work harder than everyone else. My first day in his class he read roll call and the next words from him were… “Mr Bentley?… Do you have an Uncle Carl and two Aunts named Quita and Rhonda?”… “Is your Mother Lavern???”.

    Turns out my crazy ass half breed Uncle, Aunts and the worst of all my Mom had already terrorized him a generation before I got there… Great. lol


  13. I have never been one who is PC lol. Likely explains getting myself into a jam many times 🙂 One of my nephews took part in the Elk hunt last year in an area south of Joseph City which is between Holbrook and Winslow, Az. Didn’t get one but found all kind of sign. They also have a special elk hunt north of Winslow I think along the Little Colorado River every year. The elk apparently have invaded and the state doesn’t want them there. They are also in an area just south of the Navajo Reservation in that region. This I’m told by a friend who is a game warden.

    I’ll take wild meat over the store bought garbage any day! People addicted to packaged meat have no taste! I don’t know Mr Borozan but had a few teachers and professors much like him too. These kind of people are REAL teachers that actually teach. They foster free thinking and creativity instead of rot. They also do not push their political agendas as I found many professors in college do. Bet the man thought your family was haunting him LOL.


  14. Now here is the rest of the story, lol. He made me stay after class that morning to explain the “Family” situation. He said ” There is a very fine line between Genius and Crazy, But your family was BOTH, all of them”. He went on to say they were probably the most intelligent students he ever had but they were absolute Nuts and rebels socially.

    Then he asked “Is your Uncle on your Fathers;s side Delbert Zumwalt?”. After telling him yes, he said “Well then we might get along just fine!”. Sam is an absolute Sports nut and Uncle Del’s Athletic Trophies took up most of the School’s Trophy Case. Uncle Del was the best all around athlete ever in the history of the School.

    So all worked out well in the end. Sam donated his personal time and effort by taking myself and two others under his wing and also started giving us higher education material to work on parallel with the required HS curriculum “You want to learn? I’ll help all I can”.

    So the three of us knuckled down and did twice as much homework as everyone else. The opportunity was absolutely priceless and could never be matched in current times. Now unfortunately most Educators are just Vending Machines… “I just hand you the material…Go home and ask your parents how to do it.”

    Dealing with this right now with my Grandkids. In fact I just told my Daughter to tell the School that they could save a lot of funding by just installing educational Material Vending Machines. The quality of education would be exactly the same… lol


  15. He inspired you and others and that is a sign of a great teacher. I know all about education LOL. Students can’t spell even though spell check is freely available and they want to do nothing yet get a passing grade. They get angry with me when I don’t give it to them because they don’t do the work or present sub-standard work. Too bad!! These are college and adult students. I have a friend who works for the BIA as a teacher and also in other public schools and it’s a nightmare. She gets so frustrated and angry with the system. The system sucks! Academics is a joke today and students want a top grade for nothing. No one ever taught them they must work for it instead they simply expect it.


  16. And I suppose part of that lack of interest and self-motivation to get an education probably has a lot to do with the “Vending Machine” attitude. I suppose many have just given up hope that they are making a difference at all. But… They are being paid to make a full and complete effort even if it’s for just the one student who really does care…

    Yep…it’s a mess for sure!

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