5 comments on “Australia: Last Ice Age Killed Off Large Animals

    • Personally I think the landmasses split later than it thought (80 mya). Much later! Fossil making requires special conditions and all conditions must be just right so it is no surprise that marsupial fossils in SA and Australia are few. The environments of both may have been much wetter, more tropical. Tropical environs are not conducive to fossil making as we all well know. And here we go again with that long lost ancestor LOL. Thank you for the link JR. Great info!!


      • The long lost Ancestor was also my thought on this. They found a Marsupial jaw bone in Antarctica also. This would apparently prove the one single land mass theory. I always wondered about the Flightless Ratites. Rhea in South America, Emu in Australia, the Cassowary in New Guinea, and the Ostrich in Africa. But they also have Flightless Birds on Oceanic Islands.

        Did these all also originate from South America? If these were split apart to evolve separately then why not an early primate with the same outcome in reverse? These species of Marsupials and Ratites are proof it is very possible. And if Gowanda split up later than thought as you mention, it would be even more possible. Truly… all this warrants a “What if” direction of perspective in thought!


  1. I have heard some speculate that South America not Africa was the place of beginnings. I have also wondered if the great land masses were not together more recently than suspected.


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