32 comments on “Return of the Ice? Time to fly south?

  1. Here’s a link and a Graph for you Roberto. Figure 3 is pretty self-explanatory. We have actually been overdue and late for this inevitable cooling cycle since before the Industrial revolution.


    The Solar insolation cycle in red on this graph shows that the new cooling cycle actually started several thousand years ago. A very long time before the “Global Warming” narrative was invented.

    When looking at this graph one could argue that if Global warming is a reality, it may have been helping save our rears and delay what will be a much worse outcome of very serious and extreme rapid global cooling that is way overdue.

    All I hope is that it is not a “Physical” flipping of the Earth that causes it. But this link also gives a pretty good explanation of how it happens. What upsets me is that they have known about this “extended forecast” for a long time but chose to deceive everyone for… once again… profit.

    I know one thing for sure! I am sick of it being cold and WET in the desert! lol

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    • Addition… Here is another super climatology site I have been using for several years now:


      Especially cool are the “Forensic” and “Climate History” inks in the top left menu on this site. Incredible information and graphs shared here!


      • Thank you for the links JR. I will check them out more later today. All the data shows a sudden cool down in the past and some of the tribal people say the last one came with no warning. I have often wondered if what we are seeing now in terms of climate change IS our warning. Again thank you 🙂


  2. Mathew 24 Verse 11… “Many will come to you as false Prophets”. I think this was misspelled in translation and should have read… “Many will come to you as false Profits”. lol

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  3. I had a thought on the way to town today. The Glacial/Interglacial timeline chart information on the NOAA site I gave you needs to be put together with a Hominoid species major event timeline (appearance of, disappearance of). Maybe even add a sea level variance and Protein availability timeline.

    I don’t remember ever seeing these all in one timeline chart together to make any possible colorations of human species events and any corresponding Weather/Glacial/Interglacial/Sea level/Food availability events.

    If I can get caught up for a bit and don’t get too many interruptions. Over the next few weeks I will try to make a project of trying to get this done, It might help expose some very significant connections in the timeline of Primate, Man and Weather Changes. 🙂

    You are welcome to join in if have time or feel like Sir. And I would like to ask a few questions along the way if you don’t mind sharing? 🙂

    Anyways I went back to the second “Long Range Weather” link for the first time in a year to find they took down most of the charts they used to have. But the chart in the upper right showing from 2500 Bc to 2000 Ad is still pretty interesting. Here is the direct link to that particular page my friend:



  4. Questions are always welcome and I will answer. Regarding the chart…it only goes as far back as 2400 BC. That means the entire chart is connected with modern humans (H. sapien) and the first part MAY include SOME Neanderthals although common thought is they disappeared 3000 kya. But, then again, I think more what happened with early human ancestors was interbreeding (microevolution) rather than rise/extinction (macroevolution). If you have something that goes further back say for the last 1/2 million years then we could correlate several human ancestors to it. General theory is that modern humans appeared 200 kya so this chart would not even pertain to archaic (early) H. sapiens (ie: Cro-magnon). Of course, we could always research and make out own chart and correlate all the info you suggest.

    The chart that is shown is very interesting in many respects. Volcanic eruptions is something some people don’t consider but they DO have an effect on environment especially cooling effects. For example, during the Little Ice Age there were an astounding 90 MAJOR eruptions! All that volcanic ash in the atmosphere definitely contributed to the cooling effect during that time I’m sure. Looking at the Dark Ages there were 55 major eruptions and let us not forget the plague. Going further back to the Great Migrations is appears these migrations were people in search of warmer climate which means survival. The world’s great civilizations have rose and declined during the warming periods which is to be expected. I also note the Medieval Warm Period in which the Vikings explorations took place. There were few volcanic eruptions during that period and the average global temp was 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Today it is 58.7 degrees meaning that the Medieval Warming Period was actually warmer than it is today! So much for “global warming.”

    Finally, in regard to the chart am I reading it correctly? Is this chart predicting a major cool down come 2020 with the avg global temp below normal which is 57.1 degrees? That’s only 3 years from now! Cold weather combined with the disease factor equals a lot of dying going on. Are we in for a human mass extinction event in 3 years? Here the powers that be have spent decades snowballing us over global warming when it’s been global cooling the whole time! And I’m sure they knew!

    Here’s something else. I’m sure you have heard about the vast cave systems all over this planet with some man-made dating back thousands of years. Some of these systems are so large they can house thousands of people. Were our ancient ones hiding from climate change (ice ages)? Is that what they went underground for? I’ve long suspected that is the reason for these cave systems. They were not hiding from “alien invaders” or anything such. Our ancient ones were trying to survive and it appears the best means of survival was going underground. Perhaps we need to take a clue as if this chart is correct then 3 mere years is not long enough to prepare 7 billion people for the dawn of a new ice age!!

    These links are great JR. Thank you!!


  5. Additionally, if I take the migrations of Homo erectus out of Africa and into other parts of the world as fact then I can’t help but wonder what caused such migrations. I’m sure it was not a simple matter of a Homo erectus waking up one day with a thought of exploration. I think it more likely climate change motivated them. Question is what was that climate change, warming or cooling? Just a thought…… 🙂


  6. Lol, that happened to me too. The long range site is actually a “pay for” service for Attorneys who might be arguing a prosecution or defense based on forensic weather facts that may have affected an event. Some cases like Auto accident liability or Aircraft issues can be greatly affected by past weather conditions in that particular location at that particular time. These folks offer a service to produce the credible and factual forensic evidence needed to prove weather details one way or another that might influence a case.

    But I ran across the chart on there several years ago and found it to be pretty cool and useful and they have a free drop down search function for historic weather on the top left of the same page as the chart that I have found helpful a few times in “Global Warming” debates! 🙂

    Yep…we have been headed for “Parka” weather for quite awhile now. The Glacial/Interglacial timeline chart in figure 3 on the NOAA site page is pretty telling. And this is science based on NOAA’s own studies of ice sheet core samples going back 350 Kya. This particular timeline needs to be correlated with human events. And because it demonstrates a very regular and predictable cycle it can be used to go back even farther millions of years as a fairly consistent cycle.

    This could as you also mention, expose some very interesting connections with Human Evolution and Migration events. I think to visually make these connections in an event timeline could be eye opening. For example any possible timeline climatic events that may have caused one species to migrate into the territory of another species to interbreed and hybridize and prove your theory ?

    On the topic of volcanic activity, as a Paleosociologist you might find something that was shared with me years ago by another in your field to be very interesting concerning the “Dark times” of the Volcanic eruption periods. I’m sure you already know about this theory, but it is funny how these Volcanic event periods can directly correspond with historical savage, brutal and aggressive cultural conflicts and conquests.

    Lack of UV radiation causing “Cabin Fever” is a very real medical condition that can cause these type of aggressive psychological issues and from what I understand, but need to verify, is that these conditions can also cause accelerated growth of Ergot Fungi on Staple Cereal Grains. This would have also added Ergotism to the psychological situation.

    Yep…there are a whole lot of questions that could be answered with parallel timelines like this in one chart graph. And yes I am pretty confident we are headed into a mass extinction event very soon. I have been personally preparing for it for a couple decades now.

    Being compassionate I used to share knowledge about how to prepare and survive such an event until I realized that I was helping those who would not hesitate to cut my throat when it actually comes about. 🙂


    • Yes there are theories pertaining to increased volcanic activity and savage human behavior as you mention. Reduction in solar radiation seems to bring out the “bad” in human society many times lol. I suspect this is due to the fact that when such dark times come along people are looking to survive and for greater resources to ensure their survival. Many conquests have been waged in order to capture new farmlands, water, land, etc. And it also seems that such dark times tend to make tensions between rival groups more intense which is another cause for conquest among others.

      I agree, “Cabin Fever” is very real and can cause aggression. Historically ergotism has been brought about in human populations by eating grains contaminated with Claviceps purpurea fungi. This fungi grows on the ears of rye and other cereal plants such as wheat and oats among others although its affect on oats seems to be rare. The alkaloids in this fungi can be passed from mother to infant during lactation as well. In fact, there have actually been historical epidemics of ergotism and rye appears to be the primary culprit. References to these epidemics are found in the historical writings of the classical writers primarily. I believe 857 AD is the earliest writing about this (found in the Annales Xantenses). That plague caused swollen blisters in people and rot and this writing claims that their limbs even fell off prior to death! Likely this was due to gangrene associated with ergotism. It’s also been theorized the ergotism played a role in the Salem Witch Trials causing people who ate ergot infected rye to convulse among other things all of which were taken as signs of “witchcraft.”

      Returning to Cabin Fever….studies have shown that isolation or being stuck indoors in confined spaces for extended times leads to increased irritability and restlessness. Increased boredom is also a part of it. It can cause paranoia and aggression and a host of other maladaptive human behaviors. It affects overall well being studies have shown as well as decreased cognitive functioning. Add Cabin Fever to dark times and you got the mix for an explosion waiting to happen be it on an individual or cultural scale.


      • BTW I’m going to be posting about climate change and human evolution. There is a growing body of evidence that past climate changes have affected prehistoric human populations and migrations.


  7. Had a thought last night. There is another factor besides Volcanism that might have influenced ancient Co2 levels, FIRE. Ancient Forest and Brush fires went unchecked and destroyed vast areas at a time discharging huge amounts of Co2 and also blocked sunlight for extended periods.

    At any rate, higher Co2 levels cause global cooling, not warming. And plant life abounds in a Co2 rich environment.


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    • 6 ft?? That’s a lot! None in the desert valley where I live down south but the mountaintops have snow. I’ll stay in the desert valley LOL.

      Look at the “Environmental History Timeline” link below. In the 9th century (850 AD) there were severe droughts compounded by soil erosion in Central America et al. Also just to note–tree rings from 774-775 AD reveal abnormally high levels of C14 in Japan likely due to gamma ray bursts from the Sun which is interesting. Back to the Maya, in the 2nd century there was a massive volcanic eruption in New Zealand (Hatepe Eruption) which turned the skies red over China and Rome! I’m certain the Maya lands seen the same.

      I think climate change definitely played a role in both the 2nd and 9th century Mayan collapse. Yes, there may have been political unrest, war, etc but likely connected to climate changes and crop failures, water shortage, or something of the sort. The guy who commented on the AO site that said the priests were held accountable is likely correct. Sacrifices increased and did no good. Prayers and offerings increased and did no good. When the people figured it out they turned on the priests and the leaders like rabid dogs! It’s a repeat of history seen in many eras in many places.

      Link to Environmental Timeline:



      • Well I ran into a snag with the two different Mayan events Roberto. From what I gather one was extreme in warm conditions and the other was extreme in cold conditions.

        I went to bed wondering about this difference and something came to me. Do you garden? Most seeds and flowers are unforgiving and just will not Germinate or fruit after Pollination without the perfect temperature and moisture conditions “either way”.

        Too hot…Too cold…Too wet.. and of course Too Dry can ruin a whole crop season. And even if perfect these conditions cannot come too early or too late in the season or this “timing” will also cause them to remain dormant or spoil and never germinate.

        If any one of these factors are too far abnormal, a crop is not going to happen that year.

        Especially Corn!

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        • I myself do a bit of gardening and the temps must be just right. If they’re not then no crops, no food. Also to wet or to dry results in the same as you know. We used to see climate as a sort of “backdrop” but the more we learn about paleoclimates the more we realize climate is far from being just a “backdrop.” In fact it is a primary factor especially when it comes to human civilizations AND human evolution or hybridization.


  8. I agree.. the comment he made on AO might have sounded crazy, but I also think he is right on the money!

    Holy cow! why didn’t I find that timeline? I’m usually pretty good about finding this stuff. All this really needs to be put into a visual line graph inline with these human events!

    Well I may be in trouble over at Ancient Origins, 🙂 I dropped them a line in the forums help desk about the selective biased censoring of posts concerning faith and politics. I think they may be kneejerk acting on the “report” button without actually reading the true conversation.

    Here’s the deal… First…they have absolutely no posting guidelines or rules page to refer to. Second…they set a hypocritical example of posting articles that seed discussion about these controversial topics, and then pull selective discussion related to the article topic in a biased fashion.

    They need to be consistent by example. I am a basic member and not a premium member. But over the last 7 years I have linked to AO content several hundred times, which in turn resulted in several thousand, if not tens of thousands of hits of this 7 year period.

    As you know, More Traffic is priceless and much more financially beneficial compared to just a few premium memberships. I went and checked their Alexia rankings and found a direct correlation in timeline with my own personal activity and participation at AO.

    It is sad to see that their interests are more about money than the love of History. Goo o see that they do allow public participation though, because without it the site would be dead and gone already.

    They need to lower their Brows a bit and appreciate these facts. And the lack of interaction from the AO high brows and the public “untouchables” is the completely wrong approach if we want to promote general public interest in History. 🙂

    Interest in History is on life support as we speak, Everyone who loves History needs to pull their heads out of the clouds, lower their noses, or we are all going to lose it and all funding and income for and from it including thousands of jobs.

    We need to keep Jobs related to the knowledge of history! We need to keep HISTORY!

    My request is in moderation, Let’s see if they have enough respect to post it or explain why not. If I hear nothing it will be an example of their lack of integrity and lack of love for history and I will be done there.

    We all need to care more about history than personal gain or the knowledge of history will very soon be obsolete and useless. History will be OVER COMMERCIALIZED and destroy it’s self with actions like this.

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    • History is highly important and now it is being rewritten to fit politics. That’s not right. Let me know how things with AO turn out. Myself I just comment at times and let the pieces fall where they may LOL. I don’t belong to their premium level either. Yes they seem to have become more concerned about money more than anything else lately. And you’re right in that without participation the site would be dead.


      • “History is highly important and now it is being rewritten to fit politics”

        Not just that very important truth Roberto!… But the study of History is actually being discouraged altogether in a lot of institutions!

        They ain’t exactly knocking down doors to get into History classes anymore like they were 30 years ago.

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      • Well…their response? They blocked me from posting. Bet they still send me all the email spam even though I went and unsubscribed from it all before logging out.

        Hate to say it, but this is what happens when a primarily socialist culture (UK) tries to practice Capitalism. They just don’t get the concept and always make the wrong mistakes.

        But it happens here in many locations also.

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      • Hey! thanks for accepting my invitation and dropping in! Now I am sorry I decided to take a break from the internet yesterday. Please jump in anywhere here and have fun!


    • Crap… I decoded to take the rest of the day off from the internet and didn’t check my Mail yesterday… Just checked and yes I did! 🙂

      Fantastic! I have some neat stuff from my own ramblings around the desert southwest here I can only share by attachment.

      Thank you!


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