6 comments on “The Monkey Eaters

  1. Lol, it is more common than one might think. Even I had to eat a few Howlers for sustenance during survival training in Panama. And it is still very common in the far east.


    But the foot adaptation you share here is pretty incredible. I think you are right, we may be going backwards. Just try to find a young person who can problem solve well enough to figure out how to use a basic tool without extensive instruction. Are we back to Pre-Tool skill levels already?


    • The reason young people can’t use tools is because they don’t need to anymore, there are enough people who specialized, and they are given everything at a young age, so they have no reason to learn how.

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      • Welcome John…and you are absolutely right. I have had young folks melt down in my business driveway because their phone battery went dead and their GPS wasn’t working. Even after giving them “one turn” directions, they just absolutely refused to move until I helped them put a charge on their phone. It’s getting pretty sad.


  2. Even if some may consider it backwards, it’s still evolution, not devolution. They’re adapting to the environment they live in, so it may seem like they are devolving, when in reality those traits enable them to survive more than normal feet.

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  3. Welcome John H. 🙂 I suspect these people have always had feet like they have today and never developed “modern feet” like most modern people have due to adapting to their tree climbing and environment.


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