Seems the ancient curse of the Lost City of the Monkey God (La Ciudad Blanca) has struck archaeologists working at the site in the form of a flesh eating parasite! The site is located in the jungle of Honduras and the researchers almost lost their faces working at the site. It’s believed ancient peoples abandoned the city in the 16th century after fearing their gods had cursed it with disease.

The extremely life threatening disease is known as “leishmaniasis.” The parasite migrates in the mucus membranes of the mouth and nose and eats the flesh away. The nose falls off, if left untreated, and the face becomes a giant open sore.


Researchers believe the ruined city contains some huge secrets but say it’s just too dangerous to explore or excavate. So where does this put things? Researchers don’t appear in a hurry to get back to the site (they are under medical treatment right now). Will this site ever be excavated and will the White City ever be forced to give up her secrets? At this point it appears doubtful.

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