2 comments on “Do We Really Come From Apes?

  1. Wow… Great information! But I have to confess that sharing more DNA with Cats than with Dogs kind of bugs me. I like Humans and Dogs much more than Cats.

    I learned quite a bit in this thank you!


  2. You’re welcome 🙂 Yeah I was a bit disappointed by the cat/doggy/human thingy too as I’m mostly a dog person although I have cats too LOL. I must admit that I do see similarities in behaviors among humans and cats from what I’ve observed and cats also tend to be very intuitive more than dogs. Soooooo……………… :O

    People don’t normally consider the fact that all mammals share great amounts of DNA and saying that we share this or that amount of DNA with apes is somewhat misleading as the post above states. We need to look at the whole picture instead of a slice. The one that really got me was the amount of DNA we share with birds! That was something I did not know and, of course, birds are not mammals.


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