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  1. Patagonia is a “gold mine” in terms of archaeology and paleontology in my opinion. Many significant discoveries have been made there and I’m sure there are many more to be made. Thank you for the link and I will check it out JR.


  2. So this article sent me on a search for other “not so talked about” possible Pre-Clovis discoveries. One in New Mexico I was hip to already called Conkling Cavern. In recapping Conkling Cavern details I ran across Pendejo Cave. Conkling Cavern has been discredited and they say all the Flora and Fauna remains found there were washed into the cave by external forces even though tools were found under these remains at an earlier level dated to a possible 30 kya.

    I started digging into Pendejo Cave because for some reason I had never heard of it. There are some very significant finds in Pendejo Cave that are hard to discredit. First it would be impossible for the huge number and varied species of remains found to end up there through natural forces. Bison, Camels and Horses just do not crawl up a mountain and into cave to die.

    Were they washed into the cave? highly unlikely since the cave is located in a Cliff face near the summit of a Hill. Were they drug up this Hill and into the cave by predators? This would not explain all the Flora remains that were also found. Predators do not eat plant matter. And from what I found all the Flora were species that are unique as being editable by Human.

    Evidence for Human occupation is incredible. There are fire place hearths that are too deep to fit the official narrative, There are Human Foot and Hand impressions in mud and stone tools at a level that would date back 30kya. and the most intriguing evidence is that Human hair has been found. The whole dig has been discredited because the DNA of the human hair was dated to only 19.5 kya.

    But wait? Did they step on their own toes with this one? That is still 20 kya and before man was supposed to be there. Now here is something interesting, Pendejo Cave is directly across the same Basin from Conkling Cavern. This in it’s self adds credibility to Conkling’s find as the second site in the same area with like kind evidence. Do 20 more need to be found in this area before they are no longer discredited?

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  3. At some point I suspect these sites will have to be revisited. The earliest level at Pendejo Cave was dated at 75 kya. Well we are up to 24 kya with the new find in the Yukon at the Bluefish Caves so we have only about 50,000 years to go lol.

    Regarding Conkling Cavern I understand dating for this site has been placed at the Late Wisconsin/Early Holocene. That would place this site at about 11.7 kya as the Holocene began 11,700 years before present (BP).


  4. Here is a repeated paragraph that makes me curious about the “Official narrative” in dating Conkling.

    “Fragments of two humans were recovered, including parts of two skulls. One of these was at a depth of about 12 feet and the other at about 26 feet, about 26 inches beneath a layer of consolidated sandstone. The upper skull part was close to the ungual phalanges of a sloth. Gnawed human bones were found deeper in what was thought to be a dire wolf den.”


    Ok…12 feet with Sloth bones maybe. But what about the discovery at 26 feet under a layer of sandstone? This had to be much older right? Another thing is the Taxonomy found. the list is exactly the same as in Pendejo Cave.


  5. Yes the human remains at 26 feet should be much older than those found at 12 feet. I reviewed some info about both sites when you told me about them. I did notice the taxonomy was pretty much the same for both sites. That is odd and I’m not sure what to make of it at this point. These sites need to be revisited IMO using some serious research and real science.


  6. Now they are conveniently limited in access. Fort Bliss Boundaries were expanded to also include Conkling Cavern and you have to go through their approved Archaeologist. Funny how all the controversial Paleo sites are all being annexed by military and wilderness area so that access, artifacts and information are very controlled.

    It just ain’t right! lol

    But…I’ll bet there are places yet to be discovered around that area outside the Federal Boundaries!


  7. You’re right JR. It isn’t right! Not only are controversial sites being annexed by the military but some, such as the one in Mexico, are bulldozed and houses built on top of them. Add to that the growing number of “lost” OOPARTS (out of place artifacts) and the only conclusion is that something is being covered up. Question is what?

    Yes there are many places/sites yet undiscovered all over the world and not on government property.

    I was also going to mention Dr Richard MacNeish who did excavations at Pendejo Cave. He was a highly esteemed archaeologist and for him to have come out with the 50 kya date was remarkable. This was a heavyweight basically claiming humans had been in the Americas long before suspected and that is significant. Had he not been killed in a car wreck I suspect he may have proven beyond doubt his claims. I’m sure he knew he was bucking the system but his was a search for truth following the evidence wherever it led. We need more like him who will do that and stand up and buck the system!


  8. Absolutely… more intestinal fortitude… And I think it could happen towards a change for the better. But the whole industry would have to change from what it is.

    Everything is controlled through financial extortion, personal individual greed and authoritarian control, and it greatly restricts advancements in discovery and knowledge. The greed and politics are causing the whole concept of the history industry to implode and soon it will fail and everyone will get a whole lot of nothing.

    The general public is losing interest in history day by day due to this environment and without a general interest in history there is nothing to sell. Funds, Grants and Contributions will dry up and the “Elites” will have self destroyed the very market for the very product they are trying to sell…History.

    It’s a Dog eat Dog industry and no one is willing to rally behind a champion and ideal and goal because they fear the establishment who WILL make them or break them for the rest of their careers.

    But if enough people chose to prioritize expansion of knowledge over personal greed and rallied together to focus on exposing one ideal and goal at a time the Establishment control could be overridden and subdued one dig at a time.

    This would in short order force a change in the direction of the wind and the general public will gain a renewed interest in the product of history…

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