7 comments on “The Sojourn of Homo Erectus & the Heretic!!

  1. Worthy of being classified a true Rant! lol I like the “Scientific Method” Flow Chart Roberto, I’m going to grab that for future use if you don’t mind.

    See now My Livelihood doesn’t depend on going with the flow. My interests are purely from a lifelong hobby interest of History, Archaeology and Anthropology. I can be discredited if they like and I don’t care, but in turn I cannot be extorted.

    It is all based on Conjecture, Speculation and Theory derived from just a couple remaining physical Fragments that have been found. The deceptive trick is turning a molehill into a mountain for funding.


  2. Go ahead and use the scientific method flow chart. I “borrowed” it from another site LOL. Actually it’s in the public domain. The hierarchy in academia can discredit anyone and frequently do so don’t worry about it as you’d be in good company of TRUE scientists. And you are absolutely right. It’s all about funding and to hell with truth, evidence, and real science!

    Thanks for your comment on how this post is worthy of being classified as a true rant JR. I tried really hard to make it so LOL.


  3. It is true to the “Peron Rants” theme around here. lol I hope I didn’t run Alicia off with my public education “political rant” on the other thread. But I also call it like it is. I am freelance and have no political party loyalty, I tow no line and have always been a leader not a follower.

    I try to judge everything from all sources with objectivity based on facts. I take pride in not allowing bias influence twist reality or true cause and effect of long term consequences. There is both right and wrong coming from all sources and I could never justify wrong no matter where it comes from.

    A Leopard can’t change it’s spots… This latest national psychological melt down stemming from eight years of indoctrination from the left in the education system was one of the most embarrassing things I have seen happen in this country in a long time, and I have been observing national political sentiments since Nixon.

    Roberto… If I post anything you feel might be “out of place” here like this comment or the other comment, it would never offend me if you pulled them. I would take full responsibility for stepping into something I should not have stepped into and respect that going forward. 🙂

    It’s just that Politics and educational indoctrination go hand in hand when discussing this failure in the system…

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  4. Thank you for understanding Sir… 🙂

    Hey, Wanted to let you know that I have not clicked “Like” anything on here yet. I need to explain why. I would like too, and tried to, but I have a unique issue holding me back.

    I am on a very rural slow dial up connection. When I click on “like” it sends me through a whole third party process that doesn’t jive with my slow connection, hangs up, and ends up not completing as it should on my end.

    So I’m not being rude Sir, just still stuck in the Stone Age… lol

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  5. I was digging around in Austin’s stuff again this morning and found yet another interesting angle.

    More about Malaria and Blood Type “O” from Austin Whittall.


    This list from Whittall is very interesting, Especially the one about Lice…


    More on Paleoparasitology and human migration I found this morning…

    “Although Enterobius vermicularis has no environmental restrictions to hamper transmission from one host to another, other intestinal helminths, as commented above, could not survive in the cold conditions of the Siberian-Arctic regions while prehistoric migrants crossed the Bering land bridge7. Hookworms, Trichuris trichiura and Ascaris lumbricoides, found in archaeological sites both in North America and South America, dated as old as 9,000 years ago7 12 20. The parasites were introduced by alternative routes, such as transpacific or coastal navigation7.”


    More detailed here…



  6. Interesting. There’s all sorts of evidence for other routes besides the landbridge yet it is all ignored, downplayed, or simply dismissed out of hand because it doesn’t fit the accepted theory nor funding requirements.


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