4 comments on “The Ancestors of My People Came From NOWHERE!

  1. Reminds me of a recent event Roberto. Selfishness and Gluttony are the Anglo path, not the “Spirit” path. During the recent Native protest against the pipeline Anglos decided to come and help. The Anglos came in the name of Environmental Preservation but in reality these are folks that travel around the country fighting these causes like this as a lifestyle and occupation. They are just selfish and in it only for a good campout and party, I have personally been to many of these “Protests” in my lifetime.

    The Tribe finally had to issue a request for the Hippies to quit coming and turning a serious legitimate spiritual protest into “Burning Man” because they were “trashing the place”. So even when they try to say they are helping they are not. In this case they took a righteous Native cause about protecting ancestral lands, hijacked it, and turned it into a party for totally different reasons and goals. The Tribe almost lost their battle because of the example these Anglos were setting and the “help” they were giving.

    I have to share that what you say about the Natives being the ones who will survive, you are absolutely correct and here is why. There are thousands of years of knowledge about Nature, how to harmonize with Nature, and to have Nature hand you what you need when it is truly needed, but never more than you need. This knowledge has not been shared with but a few trusted to be leaders, even among the Tribes and Clans themselves.

    What we know now is but a small drop in the bucket of the true knowledge they have handed down to select individuals in secret. I have been fortunate to have just a few of these unique skills shared with me in my lifetime. And these are not physical knowledge and skills I’m speaking of.. What I have seen and experienced most Anglos would never believe if they saw it with their own eyes…

    Remind me and I will share a short story about my good friend Michael Two Leaf Meadows and the Medicine Wheel. Just one of many…

    See…I am going off topic a bit again. ๐Ÿ™‚ It would be great to find a general discussion area as to not muck up your great topics Roberto. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • The one about the Indian Dorms? Those places were horrible! Many of my Native American friends would tell me all sorts of nightmares about the place and by the time they were done I was just as pissed off as they were about it LOL. Hell when one suggested we burn it down I was all in!! But, of course, we never did it.

      I got to see both sides as I knew some of the Anglos who worked in the dorms. Most were ok but there were a few who should NOT have been working in the dorms. They were racists beyond belief and they didn’t try to even hide it either! Of course they were “good Christians”….my ass!! In my later teen years I got into it with one of these people and let him have it. I told him right in front of everyone what I thought of him and what an absolute disgrace he was! I told him in old days he’d be scalped by the “Indians” and if this were then there wouldn’t be an “Indian” fast enough to beat me because I’d do it first! He didn’t know what to think of me but he sure got my point and from that day on I never heard him speak about Native Americans when I was around LOL. I still detest that man, God forgive me, even though he’s likely dead by now.


  2. I think most Westerners lost their sense of spirituality long ago and replaced it with dogma, personally. The elders had down may secrets to only certain people and you are fortunate to have some of it shared with you. Growing up around Native Americans I came to have great respect for them and many turned out to be my good friends.

    I always felt a “strange” connection with them as a boy and young man that I didn’t understand. Then, come to find out later, I have the blood of the Mexica (Aztecs) and Shawnee running through my veins ๐Ÿ™‚ As soon as I discovered that I understood that connection and it humbled me. It still does and I still greatly value that heritage.

    Remember Wounded Knee when the Sioux had taken over land and declared a sovereign nation against the US government? It was the same scenario with the do-gooders all showing up and trying to turn it all into a party! I had a good friend who was a Sioux who was part of this and a member of AIM (American Indian Movement). He was a bit radical at times but I understood him and his cause and his anger. He used to tell me about the “hippies” and how he despised them because he knew they were all fakes and were not there to help at all. And, yes, he told me too that these people just travel around looking for such protests trying to get a free ride but they really don’t care about the cause.


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