3 comments on “Our Shrinking Brains: Are we devolving?

  1. Now you have me going in two directions with this one. lol

    Someone posted an article about this at AO awhile back that claims it might indeed be from consuming less Meat since the advent of Agriculture as you also mention. Seeing how we do know Meat is brain food I agreed with the concept, but now you have me questioning this with your concepts of evolving or devolving.

    It makes sense that we might be evolving into more efficient processing, just like newer computer CPU’s becoming more powerful even though they are growing smaller in size. Someone once joked that we will eventually loose our little finger and evolve to have only a thumb and three fingers because this is all that is required to operate a computer mouse. With the invention of touch screens could we lose yet another digit over time?

    So could lack of use also eventually be a factor in the future? We now have so much technology doing the thinking for us that most of us are on “Autopilot” and becoming so dependent on all this technology that we are required to exercise our brains less. We don’t even have to sign our names much anymore, all we have to do is hit the “Autosign” box on our screen. I’m not so sure this is a good thing! lol

    Your question about possible devolving is super intriguing and definitely warrants more investigation! And as you mention “into what?”. I have to be honest and say that even though I should know better, I had never considered an overall possible reversal in Humans!


  2. Wish I could edit these replies, keep finding mistakes after posting, like my misspelling from an accidental “double tap”, sorry about that!


  3. I envision us with only the index finger left on one hand JR lol. Yes, meat is “brain food” and many researchers have linked our ancestors brain growth to meat consumption so their is evidence for that. Sadly, as you point out, many operate on “autopilot” today and that in my opinion is why we keep crashing into the mountains of life many times. I’m an advocate of making CONSCIOUS choices and I often encourage people to “turn off” their “autopilot.” As I’ve told many people, “Life is about choices, even if those choices are unconscious.” Lack of use could well be one reason for our shrinking brains. If we don’t use it then we most often loose it as they say.

    I included something you told me not long ago about breeding horses in this post because I think it applies to us as well as all other species. Have we reached the threshold? Are new genes now required for our continued existence? Without them do we (are we) devolving back to our “wild and untamed ancestors”? The same principles in nature work with us as they do with everything else on this planet whether we like it or not.

    The other factor is what we see going on in society today. Consider the gross violence we see daily and just when we thought we’ve seen it all someone(s) commit something even MORE bizarre. Is their no end to this barbarism? Consider the destruction of our traditional and historical morals and values. Consider our lack of apathy for others. Consider growing civil unrest we see in almost every nation on the planet to one degree or another. Consider the growing paranoia and fear we see all around the world. Something is happening on a societal level in a very big way and to me it doesn’t look good for humanity.

    Bottomline I think our shrinking brains are due to several factors not just one. I’ve also wondered if we have reached our peak as a species. Have we evolved as far as we can so now we are devolving? There are many signs that that is indeed the case even though I hope it is not. Sorry but I like my easy chair and don’t want to be hold up in some tree in the midst of nowhere LOL!


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