5 comments on “Male Sexuality H/T to Robert Lindsay

  1. Well, once again I am not sure if you are being critical or supportive of this premise. As a Grandfather of 8 who has been married for 32 years but highly objective and understanding of society, I have no experience with a question like this nor can I rightfully judge it.

    But if I was to pull one off the cuff…it sounds a lot like insecure left feminists trying to bolster up their own sexual popularity. Women just can’t stand it when a certain cultural group doesn’t kiss their feet just because they are women along with the rest. 🙂

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  2. I’m not being critical or supportive. Simply presenting some research conducted by Lindsay. What I will say is that I do not agree with him concerning bisexuality being rare. In fact, I think it is more common than perhaps some wish to think and in my professional dealings with gay men I have found many to be bisexual and not exclusively homosexual. I would say I think Lindsay needs to do a bit more research.


  3. I see… I am not familiar with him. Please let me share something about my experiences concerning bisexuality. First, I am Hetro and never have been attracted to the same sex but I am now an individualist and support whatever floats an individual’s boat, It is their right as an individual as long as it causes no harm to others.

    I am also an Ordained Minister who became disgusted with the Hypocrisy and hidden actions of good Christians who claimed to be loving honest loyal fathers and husbands who turned out to be practicing bisexuals, even fellow Teachers and Ministers. It is not rare.

    It was not the Bisexuality that disgusted me, it was the Deception, lies and pain caused to their loved ones and the proclaimed faith they claimed was so dear to them. I found it to be so common that I no longer practice as a Minister because I couldn’t trust anyone to just be honest with me. I was being played for a fool.

    I have great respect for everyone who is just honest about their sexuality so that they don’t harm others by being deceptive. I’m from the 60’s so the phrase “Let it all hang out” I am very familiar with. But in turn I also much appreciate those who do not try to make me feel guilty for my choice of being Hetro as an individual.

    I have to run out and do some stuff Mr Peron. Just wanted to thank you again for the great discussions on here! I am enjoying it very much!


  4. Sad that you no longer practice ministry as IMO Christianity needs a good dose of reality and honesty on a regular basis. I know all about the dishonesty and deception you speak of in the church. When I was young I was a Deacon and on my way to becoming a Protestant priest. I became disillusioned by the hypocrisy, frankly, and ended that path.

    For myself, I do not really care what people do in their bedrooms as long as no one is hurt by it. I know some gay men who I’d say are exclusively gay but I know more who are bisexual yet claim to be “gay.” As I said earlier I think Lindsay needs to do a bit more research with a wider population represented.

    To be honest, getting back to Christianity, I believe the faith needs a serious REALITY CHECK. There’s so much hypocrisy and this is what turns people off to religion to begin with. One should practice what they preach and be setting the example. Sadly, far too often it seems to be a thing of “do as I preach, not as I do.” I know a man who is now elderly who was once married and had two daughters about a year apart. He was married for about 5 years to this woman. This poor man did all the “right” things…..held a regular job, paid his bills, married, and was raising a family. He was well respected by his friends and in his community and he attended church every Sunday and any other time the church had a function or meeting. He even served as a deacon in the church at the time.

    One day he left work early and arriving at home he noticed his minister’s care in the driveway. He didn’t think anything about it as his wife was also very involved in the church. He went in the house, saw no one, passed by the bedroom on the way to the bathroom and caught his wife and minister in their bed red handed! Needless to say the couple divorced and this man left the church. In fact, this man who is now 84 years old hasn’t set foot in ANY church for the past 50 years!! He trashed his belief in God and everything else having to do with religion. In this case the hypocrisy and deception destroyed this man’s life and faith and that’s not right.

    I attended his brother’s funeral several years back. The service was in a funeral home but it was religious. I ended up sitting next to him. He was supposed to read a passage from the Bible at the funeral. As I sat next to him I noticed he was very nervous (or so I thought). In fact, he was angry because he didn’t want to read anything from the Bible (he told me as we sat there and began to talk). He asked me if I could do it for him! I did and he thanked me a 1000 times lol.

    My point is this….this man’s family, life, and faith were ruined by hypocrisy in the ministry, hypocrisy in the church, and deception in the church. Come to find out everyone in the Church knew the wife was having an affair with the minister!! This man, the husband, was literally the last to find out! Why didn’t the church board remove this pastor (who was also married)? Why would they have such a charlatan in their pulpit? Yet they chose to do nothing, look the other way, and they also never said a word to this man about his wife and the minister having an affair. I cannot imagine the anger this man felt and still feels.


  5. I read this reply yesterday morning then the phone rang… Didn’t get caught up until late last night.

    I have tried to practice honesty and self-responsibility back into the faith. But this very hard to do and nearly impossible due to blind extremism and mental firewalls. It is hard to break the “I am never wrong” mental wall in every faith. And there are so many historical facts being denied and covered up that might stain a faith that they just don’t want to hear it or discuss it.

    I have seen this type of scenario you mention far too many times Roberto. The icing on the cake for me was when I got fascinated with computers and started building, repairing and programming in the 80’s as a hobby.

    My thirst for knowledge and experience about everything around me lead me to working on clerical peers computers for free, just to expand my own knowledge. I guess some of these peers thought they could only trust me to keep what I found in their files secret. I found myself sick to my stomach watching these guys deliver sermons about morality while undressing very young Girls and Boys with their eyes.

    It just snowballed from there into questioning the righteousness of the faith it’s self and all faiths in general. My love for history sent me on a journey of researching every faith I could in search for a truly righteous faith. In all of them what I found was that that some had good intentions but along the way greed, hypocrisy and especially extremism detracted from almost all throughout history.

    The dishonesty and self interest of man made me realize that even a supreme entity, being the words of man, was also just another lie of man. I now do believe there might be a common energy in everything that binds everything together but to consider it as a supreme entity I can no longer do. I guess I have found my Native roots when it comes to spirituality, I have found it to be the most honest of all if you base it on Quantum Mechanics.

    They knew with animism but just didn’t question why or feel need to explain it, It just is what it is for them. They knew everything, even inanimate objects had an energy and was “Alive” in some fashion with their metaphors. We are just now finding out they were indeed correct. The early religion of Zoroastrianism had the same ideal but they had a little heavy handed extremism going on when it came to “eliminating all evil” part of their faith.

    But then so have most faiths throughout history so none can rightfully claim to be “the” truly righteous faith. Until they can admit and come to odds with their own historical mistakes rather than cover them up with denial, they will continue to be hypocritical and false in practice. Just so many twisted lies throughout history that have caused so many unneeded conflicts and atrocities…

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