4 comments on “Inconvenient Truths: Cover up of Ancient Man in Mexico

  1. You are in good company! This has been bothering me for years too! lol You know there was also the Dorenberg Skull found in the same area that was also dismissed as a hoax.

    Wasn’t the Sangamonian Interglacial period during the time of Homo- Heidelbergensis? I honestly think this was when the Americas were populated. Despite your very probable common sense hybrid theory… This may also be an explanation as to where Homo-Heidelbergensis disappeared to all of a sudden.

    I think they were forced for some reason to come to the Americas and then started a separate evolution in the Americas. Then all but a few were wiped out later during some sort of global catastrophic event. Then the few that remained revived and spread north from Patagonia and South America.

    Ever notice how wide framed in the hip area South and Central Americans are? even males? I am starting to notice this as a possible unique feature for this group. I think this could be a frame structure handed down from Heidelbergensis!

    I think the Solutrean migration was yet another migration that came along later to interbreed with those established in the Americas already located mostly in South and central America.

    What do you think? lol


  2. Yes the Dorenberg Skull was dismissed as a hoax and archaeologists were severely chastised by geologists and other scientists along with poor peer review. It was purchased by Joseph Dorenberg the German Consul living in Puebla, Mexico. He took it back home with him to Leipzig, Germany and after his death the skull was donated to a museum in 1919 where it was proudly displayed. The RAF bombed the museum during WW2 and the skull was destroyed along with most of the contents of the museum.

    The skull had been dated as being before the last Ice Age using diatoms as the basis for such dating. Reichelt determined a date between 80 kya to 220 kya. Of course, this date was not accepted as it is way before the first humans are believed to have migrated into the Americas, the same period that Dr McIntyre came up with, ironically.

    The skull had large browridges and a sloping forehead which is not the morphology of modern humans but is of H. erectus. This skull was hailed as proof that Erectus was in the Americas 80-220 kya! Sadly, this skull was destroyed during WW2 as mentioned above and mainstream paleoanthropology has done everything they can to discredit the skull as a hoax generated by Europeans (ie: the Germans). But, we shall never know for sure if it was a hoax like Piltdown Man or the real deal. For more info see: http://patagoniamonsters.blogspot.com/2011/01/dorenber-skull-erectus-in-mexico-80-to.html

    The Sangamonian Interglacial (warm period) was between about 80-220 kya. Homo heidelbergensis (Hildelberg Man) is believed to have existed in Europe, Western Asia, and perhaps Africa between 600-200 kya. So in answer to your question YES Heidelberg Man lived during this Interglacial (warming) period. He may have well lived in the Americas as well as you speculate. The wide hips you mention may indeed be a trait of an American Heidelbergensis or variant.

    Finally, in fact, we find all sorts of fossil evidence attesting that Europeans (Solutreans) were in the New World long, long ago. These skulls and skeletons have OBVIOUS Caucasoid features and are unlike features of Native Americans. I love the reconstruction of Kennewick Man. Turns out he looked like a clone of the Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart!! And then there are the Olmecs and I am STILL not convinced they were Native Americans! They clearly have African features seen in some while others have what appear to be Oriental or Polynesian features. Olmec head #3 to me looks like someone from Africa while the Olmec jade mask dated between 1000-600 BCE has clear Oriental features as does the Olmec statuette known as “the Wrestler.” The Olmec “hollow baby figurine” has obvious Chinese features as do many other Olmec artifacts. Personally, I think the Orientals and Polynesians got to Central, South, and even North America via boat and more than once!

    Thank you for your interesting comments JR.


  3. Thank you for the great article and reply information Roberto! I think you have mentioned this before. but there were probably many different migrations, even by boat to the Americas as you mention again here, I think so too.

    I found Whittall a little over a year ago and find his stuff intriguing. As you know (and probably wrote about in your newest article I haven’t read yet) there have been some incredible early man digs and finds in Patagonia. Debated again of course, because of the dating of these finds.

    Off to read your newest article! Thanks!

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