5 comments on “Homo erectus Genes in Modern Humans!

  1. There may be another factor in why there is an appearance of possible back-breeding Roberto. I grew up in a Ranching family and my family bred Cattle and Horses for almost a hundred years.

    The very very dominant genes of earlier wild species of both was a constant problem. It was a constant long battle and process to prevent a blood line from back breeding as a natural and prevalent outcome.

    It can take decades to produce a hybrid pure blood strain because of this. And even then new genes from outside strains of the same pure blood must be introduced now and then to maintain this new pure blood hybrid or it will start to “Throw back” and reverse the hybrid process.

    If allowed to breed without selective discretion, they will eventually breed themselves right back to the original wild species they were before domestication and selective breeding of hybrid variants by man.

    This is why it will be quite easy for these folks to complete this project in breeding that was recently posted on AO:


    An example would be the Feral Hog population problem in Texas and other Southern States. These were originally Wild Russian Boars that were imported for sport hunting. Even though I am a sportsman, this was a huge mistake!

    But here is the interesting dominant gene connection. Almost every instance of these wild hogs interbreeding with Domesticated species of either gender produces offspring that are a copy of the very first wild boars introduced. So I highly suspect Dominant genes may also have had an effect on this scenario.

    An interesting side point that Whittall made me gather a curiosity for was the Patagonian Giants. He made me wonder why Humans at the most northern and southern latitudes, The Scandinavians and the Patagonian giants, just happen to be taller than most other regions on earth? Magnetic field? High protein high calcium seafood diet? It has me curious… lol

    Thanks for another great article Sir!


  2. Your horse breeding info is very interesting JR and I also know it works the same when it comes to breeding dogs. Regarding the feral hogs in TX my Game Warden friends tell me that in some places in the Southwest these boars (some from Russia and others from Africa) are interbreeding with Javelina and the offspring turn out to be “Javelina on steroids.” They look like “giant” Javelina more than boars. They also tell me that these hybrids are very aggressive more than Javelina are.

    Something I was thinking about in relation to H. erectus. What if for whatever reason some later Erectus’ were rejected as a sexual partners by other human breeds and this result in those strains of later Erectus devolving in much the same way in your horse breeding example above? They reverted back to…..Homo habilis types? It is interesting to speculate.

    Your observation concerning “giants” at both ends of the poles is also interesting. This could very well have some connection to the magnetic fields and/or a high seafood diet.


  3. Or Roberto? Some smaller clan groups may have become isolated and trapped for some reason which forced them to inbreed. Inbreeding would probably turn out the same reversal and probably in a relatively short time span.

    Thank you for the interesting detailed hog information, I was getting my information from a rancher and hog hunting friend in Texas. I honestly did not know they were also imported from Africa! He failed to mention this tidbit…

    Yeah, the northern/southern latitude “Stature” thing has been bugging me for awhile. lol


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