4 comments on “Sex, Neanderthals, and Mods…oh my!!

  1. Roses have been bred in all different colors, shades and characteristics, But in the end they are still just all a Rose.

    I counted six of those images that are dead ringers for good friends of mine! Based on your wisdom and examples here, the Guadalajara region is very prevalent with high brow features like this!

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  2. I totally get your hybrid theory. It is just far to easy and simple that cross-pollination makes changes to the point that the original characteristics are just a memory and rendered as “most likely”. But when you go back you realize that there were only two variants as original. 🙂

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we could start to also extract the father’s DNA? This would be a huge positive in origin linage!

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  3. Actually the “hybrid theory” is not wholly my theory as it has been developed by anthropologist Dr Susan Martinez in her book entitled “The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man.” Fantastic book and I highly recommend it as it answers many unanswered questions pertaining to human “evolution” and even “Bigfoot.”

    According to her the two original human “breeds” were Ardipithecus and Homo pygmeous (little people). They eventually interbred even though they were not suppose to and the result was Australopithecus, thus, creating 3 breeds of ancient humans on Earth. Subsequent interbreeding and retrobreeding brought about Homo erectus making 4 human breeds on Earth. These species continued to interbreed and retrobreed and eventually Homo heidelbergensis, Cro-mags, and H. sapiens finally came about. Neanderthals and H. habilis were also results of this “cross pollination.” And then there also came to be something she calls “Yaks” (not the Yak ox) that was/is 75% animal and 25% human. We call these Yaks, “Bigfoot” today and they stil walk among us as do all the other breeds of humans via our own hybrid blood/genes. She says we didn’t evolve from anything but are the results of all this interbreeding and retrobreeding and this is why we can see clear features in some people of Neanderthals while we see clear features in other people of H. erectus, Heidelberg Man, and even H. habilis et al. This also explains why some human infants are born looking more apelike than modern human complete with body hair, pointed ears, and distinct prognathism. Lucky most lose all these atavism’s as they grow up.

    What needs to happen is DNA genetic sequencing of a BIG number of people today in all areas of the world (I’m talking thousands not hundreds). I strongly suspect those results will show some people have more Neanderthal genes than the 4% while others have more genes from other breeds including H. erectus. Further, we need some breakthroughs in sequencing DNA from our fathers along with our mothers, both!

    Finally, I would love to see someone obtain DNA from H. erectus, especially, or H. habilis but thus far all of the DNA found is very degraded and can’t be sequenced from what I understand. I also suspect that some of the so called “junk DNA” in us might be DNA markers from those other breeds of ancient humans but unless we can match them to DNA from those breeds we may never know. Other than that we have to go by morphology and I see A LOT of different ancient human features in various people. Remember the movie “Speed”? Did you see the browridge on the bus driver? That thing is clearly a later H. erectus feature or Ardipithecus feature! And that actor is not the only one with that feature either. And then there are the wide eyes some people have. In fact, some people’s eyes are so wide it looks like the eyes are almost on the side of the head! I’ve seen many people from Latin America and South America as well as in Mexico with this feature.

    Finally, there is Occam’s Razor which basically says that when 2 or more theories are presented the one with the LEAST assumptions should be chosen as it is most likely the correct theory. In the case of Evolution vs Hybridization it is Hybridization that makes the LEAST assumptions. And so I will leave it at that………….for now 🙂


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