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  1. Mr Peron… you have a goldmine of information and interesting topics here, it needs more traffic if you are up to dealing with more traffic of course.

    This particular article sent me on a research mission. How did they feed themselves if there was a population of any size? It is a great question I had never considered in my studies of the Chaco Culture.

    So this morning based on your Mayan point I went searching for any evidence of possible Mayan style agriculture techniques and guess what I discovered! We have all heard of and looked at the “Roads of Chaco” on the plains north of Chaco. They appear to go from nowhere in particular to nowhere in particular and are thought to be more “Ceremonial” than actually having any practical purpose.

    I got on Google Earth and started mapping these very obvious ancient paths. Some have been later utilized as modern road routes but they can clearly be followed from intersection to intersection across the whole plain areas north of the canyon. Out of curiosity I started to note elevations along these ancient “Roads” as they cross these plains. Here is where it gets interesting…

    The elevation difference from one end to the other of these roads are a very stable and even incline and are never more than approximately 20 feet in drop even though they are miles long. I then realized that I had seen this before doing the same in looking at Mayan cultures by satellite. These are not roads at all! they are a canal distribution system that covers quite a substantial growing area!

    If you look along the base of the Mountains to the Northeast of these plains there is a very obvious snow melt collection Canal that runs laterally along the start of the alluvial fan at the base of the foothills. Distribution canals can be seen running from this in several directions to the Southwest straight towards the Chaco canyon complex. It even appears that where major canals intersect together is where other major ruins are found.

    If one was to use the Mayan culture as an example, most lived a simple basic minimalist live style with very simple abodes. But yet they also built extravagant ceremonial and government centers. It is very possible that this was also the case with the Chaco Culture. By the way… Chocolate Residue has also been found in vessels belonging to the Freemont Culture in Nevada and Utah!

    When checking this out one must keep in mind that where these appear to cross Ravines, these Ravines were not there when these canals would have been built. These Ravines became deeper and longer later after the area dried up and vegetation to help hold the soil became more sparse. I think I may have made a discovery here, what do you think? lol

    I have to share that I have property on the Rim of the Grand Canyon west of Seligman and have seen what I suspect might be the same style of canals on the plains by my place in Navajo country. So I absolutely believe that you just may have found a Pyramid in the Flagstaff area!


  2. This is very possible I think. The “roads” may well be canals used for irrigation. That would solve the food problem. I also notice Chaco Wash and I suspect this wash was likely not always dry and, in fact, may have been a good size river at one point providing the area with even more water from snow melt off the mountains. The environment back then was likely wetter and is not the dry high desert we see today.

    When it comes to ancient canals they are everywhere in the Southwest. Recall the ancient canals in Phoenix that are STILL in use? These ancient people were magnificent engineers!

    To prove that these “roads” are actually canals a team would have to go to Chaco and take a look on the ground. And at the same time look for any sign of crops having been grown in the area. Corn requires little water so it wouldn’t take much to grow corn. Squash and other vegetables take more and I suspect these would have been grown in the area as well.

    Also consider the rather large now-dry river bed to the north of Penasco Blanco ruins. Snow melt from the mountains to the east would have turned this bed into a major flowing river I think and made the surrounding ground fertile for farming. And, yes, this pattern is indeed similar to those seen in Maya-land.

    Congratulations JR on your astro-archaeology expedition!! You may have solved the food mytery. Your hypothesis needs to be looked into more deeply I think. The “roads” may actually be the remains of canals and if they are then that changes EVERYTHING for Chaco! 🙂


  3. The extent of the Anasazi culture is much bigger than they let on as you know. There is evidence in western Az in the Grand Canyon and an Anasazi settlement in Overton Nevada north of Lake Mead. My good friend and Archaeologist for the National Park service has even found evidence of Anasazi predating the Freemont, who also built canals on the western boundary of the East Mojave Preserve half way into California!

    It must have been an amazing culture that never ceases to amaze me! I haven’t had much time to go spend some quality time on my property yet but hope to do an extended search of the property this next spring. I have found Fossilized Dinosaur Tracks and Fossilized Vegetation prints in the lower strata which was once an obvious mud basin or ancient river bottom.

    Although it is next to the current Hualapai Reservation and know I will find artifacts to this culture, I also hope to find evidence of possible Anasazi or if I dig deeper maybe even some evidence of a Paleo-Indian culture! The location I ended up with has a spring and has been utilized for a long time due to topography. Maybe I will find a Footprint or two? 🙂

    Being a character myself, I have been tossing around the idea of building a stone Circle of my own there and planting both ancient and modern artifacts in the same strata just to mess with future archaeologists thousands of years from now! lol

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  4. Roberto… If this theory proves out you deserve the bulk of the credit for first making a possible Mayan Connection to point the way!

    Have you considered creating a general discussion thread here? So that slightly off topic conversations can be discussed without mucking up the continuity of your great articles?

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  5. Good morning Sir. Wanted to let you know I did not ignore you, my Internet was down for several days because of Storms. I am catching up on discussions and will be back later my Friend!



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