3 comments on “Symbolism and the Ancient Teachers

  1. I am a Grandson of Chiksa’. One of the two brothers Chahta and Chiksa’ who came east more than likely from the Anasazi lands when the Anasazi were driven out.


    I think the Anasazi were driven out by the Toltecs who were indeed a very brutal and cannibalistic tribe when calories were hard to find. So I agree that they did not eat themselves but were probably eaten by a conquering tribe.

    But back to Metaphors…

    Honestly…the Navajo stories about the world turning over has me a bit worried and rings as possible. It would explain so many strange unexplained historical anomalies in Geology and Plate Tectonics. It begs the question if the earth follows suit physically when the poles reverse polarity.

    It would also explain so many stories of floods and the world being covered with water in these oral accounts. Inertia alone would slosh the seas over every continent and only those who happened to be in very high places might survive. As so many ancient stories tell us.

    There is an interesting Metaphor that comes from the First Peoples in Canada about the “Red Paint People”. The Red Paint People were said to cover their dead with Red Paint before burial and had two rows of teeth. Could this have been the Vikings or predecessors of the Scandinavians?

    Ancient Scandinavian tribes were known to use Red Ocher in there burial rights but what about the double rows of Teeth? If one had a Beard and Mustache, ice collecting on these would appear to be a second row of teeth to someone who could not even grow a Beard or Mustache. So they might have explained this as best as they could with limited understanding.

    One oral tradition I find very fascinating that is repeated all around the globe is all the mentions about the “Tree of Life”. I think this is based on a historical Solar event that may have lit up the Magnetic Field so bright that the aurora could be seen at night even from the Southern latitudes. If so, it would truly be shaped like a tree and would have been a spectacular life changing experience!

    Great article Roberto! I could dig around in these Metaphors forever…

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  2. Great information JR. It would not surprise me in the least if the Toltec drove the Anasazi out and yes they were a very brutal and cannibalistic society. Something else about the Toltec is that the frog was a symbol they used. They carved frogs on stone cliffs and they carved frog sculptures out of rock. What is interesting is in the American Southwest there are what appear to be rocks that look like weathered frogs and then there are other rocks that look like ancient faces. Carved or natural I don’t yet know but I’m planning a little expedition to find out soon.

    I think what the Navajo are describing is the planet turning a bit on its axis although I’m unsure of the reason why this may have happened. We do know that the big earthquake in Indonesia a few years ago around Christmas did, in fact, move the planet’s axis slightly. This was a big quake and if several quakes the same size or bigger occurred then it might have been enough to move the planet axis a bit more. I’m not saying that happened but it is possible.

    I’ve also heard stories from the Navajo, Maya descendants, and Mexica/Aztec descendants about how what is today Antarctica used to be the top (north) of the planet and how the planet used to rotate opposite of today and how the sun used to rise in the West! They all then speak of a cataclysm and how the sun set on the horizon for about a day and didn’t rise. And when the planet began to rotate again the sun began to set in the West and rise in the East as it does today. If so, then that means something stopped the Earth’s rotation for about 24 hours and when it started to rotate again it was in the opposite direction of what it had been up until that point. What could do this? I do not know but the story of Joshua in the Old Testament speaks of when God extended the day (stopped the planet’s rotation) so he could defeat an enemy. Interesting I’ve hear some Mesoamerican researchers say that the Maya spoke of just such a day when the planet stopped rotating and started up again about 24 hours later and the time correlates with the incident involving Joshua on the other side of the Earth!

    The Red Paint People could have very well been Vikings. The more we research and discover about the Vikings the more we learn just how widespread their travels were. Yes a froze beard or mustache would appear to be another set of teeth, indeed. Also, what you mention about the Tree of Life and an Aurora is very possible.

    One thing is for sure in my mind. The history and evolution we’ve been taught is NOT accurate in many instances. We need to uncover the accurate trail of it all and discover truth wherever it might lead. Thank you for your interesting comment and the link JR.


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