7 comments on “A Twisted Vine: Microevolution and Hybrid Modern Man

  1. Great Article! Not just Animal examples but plant examples by natural hybridization. It makes sense and would explain quite a few mysteries. Recently I have been bewildered by the Glacial/Interglacial timeline and lack of more information about the elusive Homo-Heidelbergensis.

    Thank you Roberto…

    J.R. Bentley from AO.


  2. Thank you for your comment JR. Yes we can use plant species just as well as animal species as our analogy in this matter too. The Glacial/Interglacial timeline is a bit confusing and, like everything else, seems to be constantly changing. I’ve posted about this on this blog in the best and I believe we are in an interglacial warming period right now and have been since about 12 kya but we may be entering into a new glacial period as we speak.

    Regarding Homo heidelbergensis….some models show this species as a common ancestor for Neanderthals and archaic modern humans (Cro-magnon man). Anthropologist Dr Susan Martinez (author of “The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man”) speculates that the Neanderthals were the hybrid offspring of interbreeding between Homo erectus and Ihuans (Cro-magnon). Some paleoanthropologists hold the view that Heidelberg Man was nothing more than an early Neanderthal. Myself, I tend to agree with Dr Martinez, in that, Heidelberg Man (a form of Neanderthal) was most likely a hybrid probably from interbreeding between Homo erectus and Cro-Magnon man.

    There is a hypothesis known as the “Spectrum Hypothesis.” This hypothesis admits much more “gene exchange” (sexual mixing, interbreeding) between species of humans than previously thought. This hypothesis is actually one that is playing “catch up” with Dr Louis Leakey who once asked, “Is it not possible that they (the species of humans) are all the result of crossbreeding between Homo sapiens and Homo erectus?”.

    Homo erectus was pretty amazing in my opinion. This species spread far and wide and was no doubt nothing short of an adventurer and explorer. Martinez calls them the “Druks” and says that they were “barbarians.” She also says they were like conquering armies and, if so, then they were the first conquering “army.” We are all aware of how conquering armies tend to interbreed with the people they conquer so Martinez may be on to something. Heidelberg Man may well be a hybrid result of H. erectus and Cro-magnon crossbreeding.


  3. That is a possibility, and even DNA would give confussing results, because of common ancestors, interbreeding is a common thing in nature, far more common than otodox science likes to admit, it is seen in big cats, canids, birds, even fish, you name it, why would hominids be different?

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