3 comments on “Lost City of the Monkey God: New Finds!!

  1. This is pretty cool and all, and yet I think it reaching to think they will actually find a statue. I mean it could be another city altogether. Is there anything that actually proves it is the city of “the Lost Monkey God”? Keep us posted, and I am sure you will!

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  2. Thank you for your comment William and in answer to your question you might be absolutely right. To date I see nothing in terms of evidence that a people who worshiped a monkey god built or lived in the city. However, the city appears to have been constructed out of white stone which fits the legends of natives in the area and of those accounts given to the Conquistador Hernan Cortez. IF the Fisher team begins to unearth miniature figurines of monkeys then I’d say this most certainly has to be that legendary lost city and, of course, unearthing the remains of a giant statue of an ape or monkey would be proof positive. But that’s all only IF and IF hasn’t happened yet. And, in fact, these may be the ruins of another city altogether. Cortez looked for the city and never could find it.

    What has been found at this site is a couple of carved stone “were-jaguar” heads or at least that is what they are thought to be at present. These represent a combination of a human and spirit animal and are carved on still buried ceremonial seats at the ruins. What these might be depicting is shamans transforming into jaguars.


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