Mitchell Waite, Arizona Bigfoot Researcher

Mitchell Waite, Arizona Bigfoot Researcher

Recently I learned that Arizona Bigfoot Researcher Mitch Waite passed away. Waite conducted research on Bigfoot for many years and was one of the more down to earth researchers void of all the hype that far to often surrounds the creature. To the best of his abilities Mitch conducted his research in a scientific manner and with the utmost professionalism. His organization was called Mogollon Monster: Arizona’s Bigfoot.

Mitch’s research and expedition videos are still up on YouTube (see the below link) but I guess his website Mogollon Monster is gone. One of the things that will be missed on his website is his collection of Bigfoot faces. One of the goals behind this collection was to identify different species of BF and Mitch as well as myself believed there was more than one species of BF. Basically, some are primitives and ape-like, while some are more human-like, and yet others are somewhere inbetween.

Mitch had contemplated a TV show but nothing like some of the TV shows about BF that you currently see. His idea was to have a TV show focused on BF that was strictly scientific and simply presented proof of the creatures existence as well as his theories about its habits, diet, migrations, use of tools/weapons, etc.

I had several conversations with Mitch on his YouTube channel and when I had questions he’d always answer them on his “Question and Answer” segments which I absolutely loved. Mitch was full of knowledge not only about BF but about other things as well and when he presented his thoughts and theories I sometimes truly sat in awe hanging on his every word.

One of my best memories via YouTube is when Mitch and some companions found a huge BF nest. Mitch being the brave soul he was didn’t hesitate one second and crawled right into the nest! And YES there was something inside near the back! He had more guts than me, however, when Mitch say the eye shine of whatever was in back of that nest Mitch moved faster than I’ve ever seen him move LOL.

Mitch added some REAL concrete evidence and data for the existence of BF and it’s nature. Although not a trained scientist this man was a Scientist IMO. I truly miss him and truly miss his expeditions via YouTube. And I especially miss his Q&A sessions via YouTube. Mitch was also an author and a former Major in the USAF. This man was down to earth and that is the kind of people we need doing Bigfoot research. Enough of the hype already! Enough of the guns and the endless drama too! Mitch’s videos had NONE of that and that’s why I liked them.

I had planned on going with Mitch on his last expedition last Springl but was unable to go due to my other obligations. Sadly, Mitch passed away last April and now I really wish I could have gone as a part of his final expedition.

Mitch Waite will be truly missed by all. This was a great and wise man who took pride in his work and in his word. He came from the same school as me which holds that a man (or woman) is only as good as his word and if his word is no good then he is no good. Mitch’s word was always good without exception and that is why he earned both my respect and admiration. We miss you Mitch and we who are your fans love you, always 🙂

Now…just a passing thought…..but I wonder if there are BF in Heaven? I’m sure if there are Mitch Waite is hot on their trail LOL.

Link to Mitch’s YouTube channel: