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    • If you believe the standard theory of evolution the answer is a resounding no as according to that theory hominids existed in Africa and Eurasia but not in the Americas.

      To my knowledge no identifiable Paranthropus skulls have been found in the Americas unless you consider some of the “Indian” tribe skeletal remains found in South America. There have been finds there of rather archaic (primitive) remains but they have been explained away as “Indians.” Question is are they? Or are they remains from Paranthropus or some other similar hominid?

      Sadly everything that is found in the Americas is passed off as “Native American.” Case in point….Kennewick Man who has some very striking European features and few to none Native American features. So what was he? In truth we DON’T know.

      It’s important to keep one thing in mind when looking at ancient human ancestor skull and skeletal remains. We have NO IDEA if any of them were covered in body hair or if they were hairless like most of us are today. Further, since we have found no soft tissue such as a fossilized nose we don’t really know if they have flat noses like apes or protruding noses like we do. When you look at a reconstruction keep this in mind as the soft tissue parts could have been very different from the artistic reconstructions.

      There are many “mysteries” in the Americas. Many Native American tribes do not buy the theory that there ancestors came across the land bridge in Alaska. They say their people have “always been here” and did not come from anywhere. In some cases there is DNA evidence to support their claim as some tribes have no mongoloid DNA!

      Let me direct your attention to a place in California called the Calico Hills. The famous Dr Louis Leakey left his work in Africa and went to the Calico Hills. What was he looking for? Leakey did NOT buy the belief that ancient man did not exist in the Americas. He came here looking for evidence of ancient human ancestors. Could that evidence be in the Calico Hills in California? If Leakey believed ancient human ancestors existed in the Americas then that’s good enough for me. But why no evidence or fossil remains? Perhaps we have found evidence but we’ve passed it off as being “Native American” when, in fact, it is not.

      Many scientists pass of the stone tools found at the Calico Hills site as geofacts (stone objects that resemble human made ancient stone tools but are actually natural) but others believe they are artifacts (ancient stone tools made by ancient man). If they are indeed artifacts then with all that has been found there it absolutely proves what Leakey thought. That is, ancient human ancestors existed in the Americas as they did in Africa, Asia, Europe, and everywhere else on this planet.


  1. Let me add a few other things in answer to your question. There are some anthropologists (many in Russia) who do not believe that our ancestors all came out of Africa. They believe that they came out of the Americas! If that is so then we should find the oldest human fossil remains here in the Americas but is anybody looking???? And just how old are they? Or are they so old they are long gone? Further, when researchers run across something that is an anomaly it tends to get stored away or reburied because it doesn’t fit into our idea of human evolution or the Out of Africa Theory. Ancient ancestor remains COULD have already been found in the Americas but simply now are stored away unrecognized for what they really are or they were reburied and lips grew tight. Frankly, I don’t know of any research funding available for expeditions to uncover ancient human ancestors fossils in the Americas.

    Also, some researchers outside of the US hold the few that the super continent of Pangaea existed far more recently that we are told. If that is so then it means there was once one giant landmass on this planet and ancient human ancestors could have been all over it including in what is today the Americas. Even if it existed in remote times as we are taught it is STILL possible that some ancient human ancestors were in what is today the Americas when this super continent broke apart.

    Finally, I know people in the US and Mexico who have found what appear to be ancient stone tools made by proto-humans (such as Oldowan Tools). They are not geofacts but artifacts. So how did they get here if there were no ancient hominids in the Americas????

    When it comes to Anthropology and especially Paleontology the unspoken rule is, “Everything is Provisional and subject to change.” And that INCLUDES the Out of Africa Theory and the notion that no hominids lived in the Americas at any time.

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  2. SAS I should have read further on in the book. Dr Martinez speaks of some of the ailments caused by interbreeding seen in the hybrid offspring. In that discussion she speaks of the Vikings landing in Rhode Island and finding a “race totally distinct from the Red Man (Native American).” They were small and misshapen and they also found them in Labrador. The Vikings said these “people” were numerous.

    In Mexico there was the deformed little Puuc who were hunchbacked and Martinez says, “Such crooked men in the Americas HAVE been confirmed archaeologically.”

    She also speaks of finds of “humans” with strange physical deformities and many “unusual bones.” Additionally, Dr Martinez speaks of the Cherokee and how south of their original country there was a tribe of little people called the “Tsundige’wi.” They had strange bodies and lived in “nests scooped in the sand.” These creatures were very “weak” and lived in constant terror as they couldn’t defend themselves. They were even terrorized by wild geese and other birds.

    Puuc was a region in the Yucatan, Mexico in the Mayan area. The name is derived from the Mayan word for “hill” so I assume these Puuc little people were forest dwellers. What some have assumed to be ET skulls found in the region like the famous one housed in the Merida Museum may not be ET at all but Puuc skulls. One must question if some of the so called “giant skulls” found around the world including the Americas might not be those of Yak/Yeti.

    There are also the legendary red haired “giants” of Nevada whom the Piute ended up slaughtering. Could these not have been some American variety of Neanderthal who we had reddish hair?

    There was also the “prehistoric American Indian” skull found in Kansas City in 2013. If you looks at the pic at the link below this skull clearly has a brow ridge and a somewhat elongated cranium. Those features are actually very similar to Homo erectus!

    See: http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-archaeology/prehistoric-american-indian-skull-found-kansas-city-00271

    There are also reports of the “Patagonian Bigfoot” which some believe is a surviving species of Homo erectus. You can find more on this at:



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