3 comments on “Pole Shift, Mass Extinctions, and Evolution

  1. Been diving into this theory again. With all the new evidence that has recently came to light about a catastrophic event during this time I am seriously thinking that not only was it a magnetic reversal, but an outright physical flip of the earth and pole swap.

    Something we never hear or talk about is what was happening on the other end of our blue marble during the last and previous Glacial periods in the north. Since these environments and seasons are opposite of each other could have the poles physically swapped ends and what was a larger glacial ice sheet in the north been caused because it physically swaps environments with Antarctica? Could the opposite been happening in Antarctica at the same time and it melted rapidly? When the north was in a glacial period could the south have been in an interglacial period?

    I find it particularly interesting that the ice sheet in the north during the ice age just happened to be almost the exact same size as the current ice sheet in Antarctica. To physically swap ends and environments would explain much of the facts we now know about these catastrophic cycles for sure. Physically the arctic may have actually once been the antarctic and the antarctic may have been the arctic. This would affect EVERYTHING from ocean currents and levels to weather patterns and volcanic activity.

    To physically swap ends in a very short time would be catastrophic in the least, Tsunamis, Flooding, Earthquakes, toppling of mountains and megalithic structures, rapid extreme weather reversals, Ocean current reversals, Extinctions, Etc. General world wide catastrophe. It really would explain everything that is being discovered about this earth changing event at that moment in time.

    Everyone is currently trying to theorize a meteor impact as the cause of the last ice age ending so rapidly but what if it was just simply a physical pole swap along with the magnetic reversal? And what if this has been a cycle all along creating the glacial/interglacial period cycles along with all the other influences that happen to occur at the same time? Do we even have data from the southern half because this possibility has been largely ignored during our fixation with the northern half?

    I am now wondering if the ice records in Antarctica might indicate an exact opposite cycle of glacial/interglacial periods from the records in the north. Wouldn’t that be something…

    Is there anything to this you think?

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    • I still find it interesting how some Native American tribes say that once what is now the South Pole was the North Pole and visa versa. They then go on to say that our present world is upside down. Are they talking physically and not only morally? One Native American elder talking about this once told me that the South Pole is supposed to be the top of the world not the North Pole. The Navajo talk about how the planet flipped over 3 times during the last great cataclysm. Other tribal people around the world tell similar stories. A Navajo elder told me that when this happened the people and animals were stuck to the ground and could not move (due to some anomally with gravity during the event?). Once the planet stabilized again then they could get “unstuck” from the ground.

      We know something happened on this planet in the remote past for sure. The Arctic was once a tropical land with fruit trees, tropical vegetation, etc. How do we know that? Because we find the fossil remains of these things under the ice today! Some researchers assert that some of the fossil tropical trees still have fruit on them that is edible and the carcasses of dead animals can still be eaten too. That means everything was flash frozen!! So what happened on this planet so suddenly that changed it so drastically and dramatically??? That’s the million dollar question LOL.


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