2 comments on “S.A. Monkeys Out of Africa?

  1. I absolutely agree with your theory and am tired of having the out of Africa theory taught in schools as “proven” by science.Evidence of older primitive people decayed due to the ancient environment and soil types.People are genetically different due to multi millions of years of evolution in drastically different environments. Academia will not change from the dis-proven theory due to social sensitivities.Good article


    • Thank you Ken and you’ve hit it right on the head. But you forgot one thing. Money! If you don’t support the notion that humans all came out of Africa then you are not likely to get funding from any university, think tank, research facility, or anywhere else. See how the game works? Play the good doobie and you get the dough. Play the non-conformist doobie and you get nada! So it’s all nicely tied up and no other theories are even considered seriously. And so what is the end result? We teach our children and ourselves lies! And that is NOT science IMO. Rather, true science follows the evidence WHEREVER it leads and doesn’t try to force the evidence into a pet theory. Thank you for your comment Ken.


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