In the 1960s the renowned archaeologist Dr Louis Leakey left Africa where his work had largely proven ancient humans came out of Africa (the Replacement Theory). Leakey went to the Mohave Desert in the southwestern USA and began to dig in order to do the unthinkable. That unthinkable was that Leakey wanted to prove that America was inhabited prior to 12,000 years ago.
Leakey’s dig was at the Calico Dig site and even though the finds and artifacts have been on display for a long while now they have largely been ignored by American archaeologists. The 12,000 year barrier for when the Americans were inhabited has finally been broken but most scholars still believe the America did not begin to be inhabited by man before 20,000 years ago. But the Calico site is much older than that and stands in a class of its own.
So let me see if I have this straight? The world’s most renowned archaeologist left his digs in Africa to PROVE humans were in the Americas earlier than believed. He goes to the Calico dig site and digs up artifacts in order to prove his theory. Yet, his discoveries are IGNORED? WTF?

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