10 comments on “The Day Leakey Went to America!

    • Many of the artifacts appear to be human-made. Some of them COULD BE geofacts but the notching and flaking patterns discount some from being geofacts. I know one of the claims is that these finds must be all geofacts because of the large amount of them. Well that claim is NO VALID! There was a time when stone axes were literally hauled out by the boat loads from the Thames River! If we assume large numbers of artifacts can only be geofacts then I must conclude that all of those stone axes hauled from the Thames were also geofacts! Which of course they are not.

      Most of these look like artifacts to me not geofacts. I’m actually planning to visit this site sometime in the near future and see if for myself and perhaps due a bit of milling around 🙂


      • Yep…Notice how many are flaked linear with three passes creating the classic 3 sided “Pyramid” cross section? This is next to impossible for nature to produce because it requires the complicated “Hammer/Anvil” and “indirect strike” technique! Nature produces almost exclusively 4 sided fragments and could never produce so many of these 3 sided lithics, not all in one location for sure!


    • I need to correct a mistake I made in terminology, They would actually be termed as “Prismatic” blade flakes as you know. Funny thing about that though, This technique is more prevalent in Mesoamerica than North America.

      Know what Roberto? This is the lower part of the Great Basin where many controversial “out of place things” have been found over the years. The whole Great Basin was once lakes and islands like Minnesota.

      I think there are many new discoveries waiting to be found in this area!


  1. Brilliant & Varied. Prism-like they are (Prismatic). You are correct JR in that the lower American Southwest is the lower part of the Great Basin and,yes, there are many OOPARTS (out of place artifacts) found in the region. Bonneville Lake whose remains is the Great Salt Lake in Utah once covered a large part of this area. Hopi Lake and Grand Lake also and some theorists believe these two lakes ruptured an carved out the Grand Canyon not in eons but in months!


  2. Oh yeah… Lake Winnemucca, The Spirit Cave Etc. It is a shame that an area of very very important interest was blown all to hell by the Nuclear testing. Maybe this was by design? Now we will never know.

    And they are talking about grabbing up more lands in that area to make into Bombing Ranges. On this issue I completely agree and support the left for fighting against it. Enough is enough. Absolutely no justifiable reason for this!

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  3. In our timeline of discussion this is a good time to share a story with you about the Calico site I have never shared before. My good friend and Archaeologist for the NPS was very instrumental in the final assessment of these lithics and the decision to close this site.

    He does all the work in that whole southwestern Great Basin area of Nevada and California for the dept. of the interior on federally controlled lands. So the final call was forced on to him as the “fall guy” in this assessment of the dig.

    After the site closure we were having a private discrete conversation about the legitimacy of the lithics claimed to be Artifacts rather than geofacts. He got serious and said to me “They are pretty convincing aren’t they?” Then he continued to say “but I really like my job”.

    Nuff said…

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  4. Sadly he has to take that stance since I’m sure he needs his job. I know many researchers that want to talk and tell the truth about things but they don’t for the same reason. Sad that it has come to this point where truth is ignored or hidden.


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