3 comments on “Did Humans Walk With Dinosaurs 33,500 years ago?

  1. It’s pretty simple, really. We all know that climate change is caused by human activity. That is settled science. We also know that climate change is what killed the dinosaurs. So, if humans and dinosaurs did not walk the Earth together, how could climate change have killed the dinosaurs? This seems like irrefutable logic to me.


    • There is still much debate and speculation over just what resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs. Even now researchers are still debating over the asteroid theory. Of course it that theory turns out to be fact then such a blow to the earth would indeed result in massive climate change on a scale we cannot even imagine. So not all climate change is due to human activity. However, modern humans and their pollution and poisons certainly DO contribute to climate change to some degree. The dinosaurs were large reptiles that required massive amounts of food. Climate change certainly explains there dying out in terms of lack of food. Not all climate change is due to human activity and that must be kept in mind as some is due to natural causes. In my mind climate change is not an “either….or” but “both.” As far as dinosaurs and humans walking the earth together we find fossil remains of human and dinosaur tracks walking the same path and perhaps even side by side and both dated the same. That pretty much PROVES that humans and dinosaurs DID walk the earth together. One thing to also keep in mind is that ancient human populations were nowhere near the 7 billion people we have today. In fact, ancient humans were few in numbers for a long, long time.


    • Current climate change is caused by modern human activity since the industrial revolution and the burning of coal and fossil fuels. Climate change is not limitednot humans themselves to human climate change. Three have been instances where solar activity amongst other things have changed the climate. One great example is the algae in the oceans around the beginning of life took in carbon dioxide and released oxygen the same as plants do now, but with the complete lack of animals who in turn made carbon dioxide from oxygen there became a lot of oxygen in the atmosphere; it’s basically where out highly oxygenated atmosphere comes from.

      In short, climate change isn’t limited to humans, and when current scientists talk about current climate change they are attributing it to human technology and our overuse of it, not humans themselves.


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